Types of Land Surveying

Here at Accurate Land Surveyors, we have been carrying out various types of land surveying requests for the residents and businesses of South Florida for more than 30 years.

At this point, with more than 100,000 survey’s behind us there’s no type of land survey we haven’t seen.

In this article, we’re going to go over some of the most common types of land surveying techniques and surveys.

This information will help you better understand if you need a survey. As well as what type of survey you need, and what’s involved in carrying out land surveys.

Surveys for New Constructions and Remodelling

There are several certificates and/or surveys that may be required if you’re planning new constructions, additions, or remodeling projects on your land.

Some of the surveys we commonly perform for these projects are:

It’s hard to say which type of survey you may need to satisfy your local planning permission. This is something you need to discuss with your local office, and there are different laws for commercial and residential work.

Once you have been advised on which survey or surveys you need, our technicians will be happy to explain what’s required from our side and talk you through the process.

Surveys for Property Purchases and Refinancing

Some of the surveys commonly required when purchasing and refinancing a home are:

Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is required to formally define and draw up the legal boundaries of a property. This is one of the most common types of survey and is used for a number of reasons.

This survey is typically required by banks and lenders to substantiate the value of a property or piece of land. It’s also a way to settle neighborly disputes over boundaries between two properties.

After carrying out a boundary survey, a surveying technician will create a drawing showing you exactly where your property boundaries are for future reference.

Location Surveys

Location surveys are similar to boundary surveys. Both of these types of surveys mark out the property lines, improvements, and highlight any building violations that relate to property borders and neighbors.

The main difference, however, is that a location survey shows the property lines and clearly marks on a drawing the location of any and all improvements.

This type of survey is typical when the location of interior improvements needs to be added to building plans.

Subdivision Surveys

Subdivision surveys are used to divide larger pieces of land into smaller subdivisions. Generally, landowners looking to split up their land into lots, estates, or parcels of land commonly use Subdivision Surveys.

This survey is also useful for planning streets, drainage, and utility easements for commercial purposes. The subdivision ordinance gives standards for designating commercial and rental lots that will have to adhere to.

Site Planning Surveys

Site planning surveys are often neccesary when applying for development permits. This type of survey is designed to verify site information, satisfying the requirements of a development permit.

This form of survey combines the elements of topographic and boundary surveys for site planning. A technician will draw up the plans and provide you with all the information you need for your permit.

Property Surveys for Boundary Disputes

Property Surveys for Boundary Disputes

Unfortunately, boundary disputes are all too common. It’s rarely the fault of either neighbor, however. Typically, boundary lines don’t have clear and obvious markers for people to see in most cases.

If you or your neighbor wants to make some changes to your land, you need to be sure it doesn’t affect the other’s property. The only way to be sure is to have a property survey carried out.

A surveying technician will measure the exact land boundaries, and add visible markers to the land adjoining both of your properties.

You will be able to clearly see where your boundaries are. They will also draw up a document outlining your boundaries.

You can use this in the future should any more disputes arise and present this as a legal document of proof.

Liquor License Surveys

Coming under the header of land surveys are liquor licenses. If you are operating a business that intends to sell liquor, you need to submit a liquor license survey.

The exact requirements will vary depending on the criteria of your local municipality. It does require a land surveyor to carry out the survey, however.

Typically, you will have to submit a drawing showing the location of your business in relation to surrounding properties.

This is to look at how close your business is to other businesses selling alcohol, religious buildings, schools, and other public services and buildings that may be impacted by the alcohol trade.

What Do Land Surveying Technicians Do?

Surveying Technicians are qualified land surveyors that plan and perform land surveys.

The role of a land surveyor covers a lot of tasks. In summary, however, they make precise measurements to determine exactly where land and property borders are.

Land surveyors also draw up plans for new constructions. Identifying improvements and changes to a property, marking out legal property lines, and detailing a number of other things related to property boundaries.

To perform their role, surveyors use a range of state-of-the-art location tracking tools. This includes Global Positioning System (GPS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As well as some other electronic devices that use satellites to make precision measurements.


Whether you need to settle a neighborly dispute over land or fulfill the requirements of a loan application or mortgage. If you need a land survey performed you will need the expertise of a qualified surveying technician.

We have a team of highly qualified technicians equipped with the latest technology and a wealth of experience in all types of land surveying.

Few surveying companies have been operating in the South Florida area as long as we have or carried out as many surveys.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to come out and take a look at your job and advise you what the best course of action is.