It’s smart to hire a land surveyor if you own a real estate property in Tamarac, Broward County. This professional can help in important matters in land development, construction, and real estate ownership. You have to work with a land surveyor to know your property lines and corners.


Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is the company to call if you need a licensed land surveyor. For more than 30 years, we have been one of the most trusted land surveying firms in Florida, with over 100,000 land surveys since our founding.


The best land surveyors in Florida are working in our team, professionals who uphold the highest standard of their job. With the use of modern land surveying technology, we assure clients to provide them with accurate land survey results.

Why Hire a Land Surveyor in Tamarac?

A particular type of land survey has a specific purpose. Before hiring a land surveyor, it’s crucial to know what type of land survey is needed for your property. This list below provides you with an understanding of the different purposes of a land survey.

Property Purchase

Yes, you can’t help but get excited when you’re buying a real estate property. But you have to keep your emotions in check in this situation because sometimes excitement gets the better of us and clouds our judgment. Remember that you have to learn more about the property before agreeing to buy it, ensuring you’re making a good purchase.


Besides looking for the upsides of the property, you should also find its downsides. A balanced assessment of the house or land you want to buy is crucial to not regret your property purchase. Avoid getting overexcited, and you must exercise prudence in your perusal of the property.


Get a land surveyor to check the physical measurements and other important data about the land or house you’re buying. Make sure to ascertain who owns the property to avoid getting embroiled in an ownership dispute.

Construction and Property Renovation

Do a land survey on the site first before you develop, build structures, or renovate a property. Municipal and state authorities may require you to get a building permit before you can begin such projects. Surveying the area to ensure that your project follows building and zoning laws is a requirement in applying for a building permit.


Hire a land surveyor with a license and experience to do the job. The survey will check the terrain condition of the site, locate the boundaries of the property, and draw a project plan. Your land surveyor will also assist you in processing essential documents with the local authorities.


The land surveyor’s work is one of the keys to making your project successful. While it requires money to get the services of a land surveyor, you won’t regret the benefit you get from hiring one.

Getting Flood Insurance

Some areas in the United States get easily flooded when there are hurricanes. Florida is one of these flood-prone areas. If you’re a resident of Florida, applying for flood insurance is a wise decision.


Flood insurance provides you with money for renovating your home and buying new personal belongings after a flood. In applying for flood insurance, you need to get a land surveyor to certify the lowest elevation point of your property.

Making Decisions on Mortgage Applications

Unqualified borrowers are a bane to mortgage companies. Lenders always make sure to avoid such mortgage applicants by putting up strict requirements in the application process. Also, mortgage companies have to check the property that an applicant wants to purchase to ascertain its market value.


A property surveyor is a professional who ensures that the property of a mortgage borrower is valuable. The surveyor can also unveil issues concerning the property. Such information helps a mortgage company decide whether to approve a mortgage application or not.

Surveys We Do in Tamarac

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. offers different types of surveys in Tamarac, Broward County. Read this list of the land surveys we do in this locality.


About Tamarac

The city of Tamarac is largely a retirement and resort community in Broward County, Florida. The city’s land area is 11.06 square miles, and its population is 71,897 based on a 2020 U.S. census.


Living in Tamarac gives you access to spectacular beaches because the city is situated near the Gulf of Mexico. There are public parks, museums, and cultural and historical sites in the city.


The residents of Tamarac enjoy a combination of urban and suburban lifestyles. If you’re planning to purchase a real estate property here, the median home value is $186,600. The locals are hospitable, and there are great schools in the city.