Property owners shouldn’t underestimate the practicality of getting their land surveyed. In the village of Tequesta in Palm Beach County, Florida, hiring a licensed surveyor to identify the boundary lines and draw a map of your property is a must. 

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is the company to call if you need to hire the services of a land surveyor. You can rely on our experience and professional training in ensuring that you know exactly your property’s boundary and avoid land disputes with your neighbors. Whatever type of survey or related surveying service you want, our team is happy to help you. 

Our communication lines are always open to discuss the work you want us to provide you. Visit the website of Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. for more information. 

Reasons to Hire a Professional Surveyor in Tequesta

Professional land surveyors can specialize in one or more types of surveys. If you’re the client, it’s crucial to talk with the surveyor about the type of survey you need. Here are the instances why you might need to call a land surveyor. 

Getting Flood Insurance

House owners must get flood insurance, especially if they’re residing in a neighborhood that’s prone to flooding. Without flood insurance, you might experience financial difficulty recovering from flood devastation. 

Hiring a certified land surveyor is crucial when applying for flood insurance because you need an elevation certificate to get approved for your insurance application. This document proves that your house has a certain level of risk of flooding. 

Deciding Whether to Approve Mortgage Applications or Not

Mortgage lenders want to make sure they’re lending money to qualified borrowers. They sift through mortgage applications by putting stringent requirements in place. In this way, they can separate the qualified from the unqualified applicants. 

Another way mortgage companies ensure they don’t get the short end of the stick is by hiring a surveyor to check the value of the property. Since the house that the applicant wants to buy is the security against the mortgage, the lender needs to certify that it has good value. 

The result of the survey will help the lender to make a better decision in approving mortgage applications. 

Applying for a Building Permit

A building permit is a requirement when you’re starting a house extension or a construction project. Go to your local government or building authority to apply for a permit. If the local authority gives you permission to construct or renovate a house, it means your project obeys local building standards. 

Hiring a licensed surveyor can help you ensure that your construction or renovation project is lawful. The surveyor will check whether the project doesn’t violate the boundaries of neighboring properties and zoning restrictions. Another important detail you get from the survey is whether the terrain condition is fit for construction. 

The professional surveyor will also draw a map or pictorial representation of your property. Then, he/she will help you process the documents in your local land authority. 

Buying Land or House

Many buyers of vacant land or house get too excited when they discover a property they like to purchase. You must know the specifics of the real estate property you want to buy before you sign any agreement with the seller. It’s a no-no to be too hasty with your decision, especially if it involves buying land or a house. 

Research and discretion are two crucial things you should exercise when buying a house or land. Ask the agent for important details, such as the profile of the property, map, legal documents, or ownership information before signing anything. 

The surveyor can help you understand the documents relating to the property you want to purchase. It’s also crucial to know the precise measurements of the area, length, and angle of the property, and you need an expert surveyor to do that. 

Land Surveys We Offer in Tequesta

The professional land surveyors in our team can help you with whatever type of land survey you need. Check this list of land surveys that Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. does in Tequesta in Palm Beach County, Florida

About Tequesta

Tequesta is a village situated along the United States Highway 1 to the west of Jupiter Inlet Colony in North Palm Beach, Florida. It’s part of the South Florida-Miami Metropolitan Area and is the northernmost municipality within it. 

According to a 2020 census, Tequesta has a population of 6,158 people. Its total area is 2.2 square miles, which consists of 1.8 square miles of land and 0.5 square miles of water. 

Tequesta is a charming waterfront community with boutiques, shops, cafes, and churches. It’s an excellent spot for snorkeling, fishing, shelling, and swimming. There are also picnic areas and playgrounds in the village.