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If you’re a landowner or homeowner in Royal Palm Beach, it’s essential to get the services of a professional land surveyor to check your property’s boundary lines. One of the top surveying firms in Florida is ready to help you if you need a professional land surveyor.  Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. provide quality surveying services in Monroe County, Miami-Dade County, Martin County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and St. Lucie County. We have the best team of licensed land surveyors in Florida that always ensure accurate survey outcomes through expert surveying and utilization of modern technology.  You can go to our website ( to learn more about us and our work. We also have our phone numbers on your website if you want to talk to us via phone. 

Land Surveys We Do in Royal Palm Beach

As you’ll come to know when you talk to a surveyor, there are different types of land surveys. Know what you want a surveyor to do for your property. Or, if you have no clue, maybe this list can help. 

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey is among the most common types of land surveys. A surveyor that conducts this type of survey combines site inspection and record research to locate and describe boundary lines of a property. A review of the property’s history, ownership information, deeds, and maps is significant to a boundary survey.  For a property owner who’s planning to put up buildings/structures or develop a property for commercial purposes, it’s crucial to find out the exact boundaries of the property. This is to avoid encroachment on neighboring properties that can lead to disputes. 

Site Planning Survey

Site planning surveys are common in land development or construction enterprises. It’s a type of survey that defines the condition and features of a property. The surveyor typically gathers data through topographic and boundary surveying to show an extensive view of the land. For a project that aims to develop a site into a residential, commercial, or industrial property, a site planning survey is essential.

Location Survey

This type of survey doesn’t strictly refer to the property markers, and that’s why it’s less accurate than a boundary survey. But if you want to save money, a location survey can be an excellent alternative to show property lines and improvements based on the legal description and recorded easements.  A homebuyer who wants to obtain title insurance or mortgage is advisable to hire a surveyor to conduct a location survey of the property. 

Subdivision Survey

This survey aims to define the exterior boundaries of land to be divided into individual lots. A subdivision survey involves the production of the tract’s interior layout and project designing. The surveyor also conducts a topographic survey to define the elevation and condition of the land.  The survey outcome must accord with the local subdivision ordinance and zoning law of the county or municipality where the property is located. Compliance with local ordinances is crucial in subdivision projects for safety and public health. 

Topographic Survey

A topographic survey is an essential part of subdivision, construction, and infrastructure enterprises. It delineates the size, condition, and elevation of land using three-dimensional mapping. It also shows the natural, surface, and artificial features of the property. 

Survey for Flood Insurance Application

Get yourself a licensed surveyor to find out the lowest point of elevation of your property if you want to apply for flood insurance. When a flood causes damage to your property, you can request payment based on your flood insurance policy. Flood insurance is essential for homeowners living in areas that are high-risk to flooding. 

About Royal Palm Beach

Royal Palm Beach is a village in Florida known for its several parks and green spaces. Locals and tourists who have a penchant for outdoor activities visit this beautiful village. There are also spectacular beach resorts, restaurants serving local food, shopping malls, posh hotels, and sports facilities in Royal Palm Beach.  Go to the Royal Palm Beach Pines Natural Area to see the protected natural ecosystems home to various wildlife. You can find great blue heron, striped mud turtle, red-banded leafhopper, eastern tiger swallowtail, red-tailed hawk, and white ibis here. You can also enjoy the hiking trails within this protected area According to a 2019 census, Royal Palm Beach has a population of 38,962 people. The village offers residents a sparse suburban vibe, and many of them are property owners. The median home value of Royal Palm Beach is $273,000, and it can be a good idea to buy a property here.