It’s crucial for real estate property owners to know where their holdings start and end. A land surveyor is the expert to call to help you locate the boundaries of your property and identify its precise measurement. 

If you own land or home in Lake Park in Palm Beach County, hire a professional surveyor from Accurate Land Surveyors to survey your property. Our company takes pride in our technical expertise and long years of experience. These merits made us one of the most trusted surveying firms in Florida. 

Our company believes in the power of new technology to carry out our job faster and more accurately. Our surveyors use Total Station, Electronic Distance Measurement Instruments, Global Positioning System, and Automatic Level. 

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Reasons to Hire a Land Surveyor in Lake Park

As a client who wants to hire a surveyor, it’s essential to be familiar with the different types of surveys. Each of these types has a particular purpose, and you should know for what reason you want a land survey. Here are the instances you should hire a surveyor. 

Approving a Mortgage Application

Lending money to unqualified borrowers isn’t good business for a mortgage company. That’s why more or less strict qualifications are put in place to sift through home loan applications. Also, mortgage lenders get the expertise of a land surveyor to ensure that the house used as a security against the loan has a significant market value. 

The surveyor will point out any issues of the property. It can be a red flag if the house that the applicant wants to purchase has legal, structural, aesthetic, or zoning problems. The expertise of a licensed land surveyor can assist mortgage lenders in making informed decisions when approving home loans. 

Applying for Flood Insurance

Getting flood insurance requires applicants to obtain an elevation certificate. Therefore, you must hire a land surveyor when applying for flood insurance. This professional will figure out the elevation point of your land and give you an elevation certificate, which you have to submit to the insurance company. 

Homes located in flood-prone areas should be insured. If an unfortunate thing happens to your property during a flood, your flood insurance coverage can help you recover financially. 

Purchasing House or Vacant Land

Excitement can muddle your judgment when you purchase a real estate property. Some land or home buyers are guilty of this attitude. Sometimes they forget to learn more about the property because of the eagerness to buy it. They hastily sign anything without going deep into the specifics of the land or house they want to purchase. 

Buying a house or vacant land involves big money. It’s essential to use your discretion when dealing with the seller. For instance, you should allow the agent to discuss the ownership information and features of the property. It’s a must to see the documents related to the land or house in question. 

Moreover, make sure that there’s a licensed surveyor who will help you understand the information on the documents. As a buyer, you want to learn about the precise area and length of the property before signing the sale agreement. 

Getting a Permit for a Construction or Renovation Project

Municipal governments or local building authorities require homeowners or builders to secure a permit before doing any construction or renovation project. A building permit certifies that the project meets the building and zoning standards in a certain locality. 

Ensuring that your project complies with local regulations needs the expertise of a licensed land surveyor. This professional will check that your project isn’t violating zoning restrictions or property boundaries of others. Also, you need a land survey to check the terrain conditions of your property whether it’s fit for building structures on it. 

The land surveyor you’ll hire will do the processing of necessary documents with the relevant authorities. He/she will also create a pictorial representation of  the property. 

Types of Surveys We Do in Lake Park

Accurate Land Surveyors can accomplish any land survey you want. Here are the surveying services we offer in Lake Park in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

About Lake Park

The first zoned municipality in Florida, Lake Park is a town with a total area of 2.3 square miles, which is divided into residential, industrial, commercial, and mixed-use land. As per 2020 U.S. census, this town in Palm Beach County has a population of 9,047 people. 

Lake Park is a tourist town known for its splendid coastline and fun water activities. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and deep-sea diving here. There are also cultural hubs and historic sites in this town. And, of course, the locals are hospitable, and you can sate yourself with their delicious dishes.