Knowing where a property’s boundary starts and ends is crucial for anyone who owns land or house. If you’re not sure about the boundary lines of your property, it’s time to call a certified land surveyor to do a records research and site inspection. 

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. provides land surveying in Kings Point in Palm Beach County, Florida. Property owners in this community can hire the services of our team to help them in their land surveying needs. With our impeccable resume and nearly four decades of experience, we can guarantee to give you a precise land survey using the latest surveying equipment. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. for any land surveying service for your real estate property. 

Land Surveys We Do in Kings Point

A licensed surveyor performs surveying assignments according to what the client wants for the property. It’s safe to say some surveyors have specializations, while others are trained to do two or more types of surveys. 

In our company, we got surveyors for every type of land surveying. Here are the services we offer in Kings Point, Florida

Liquor License Surveys

Do you know why many states and municipalities require businesses that sell liquors to secure a permit before they can operate? That’s to ensure that your establishment is far from a hospital, school, playground, or church. 

A professional land surveyor can certify that your business location is in a certain distance from said institutions. A site inspection is crucial to ascertain that you’re not violating local laws by your business operation. 

Flood Insurance Surveys

Flooding can wreak havoc on your home and hence significant repair expenses. That’s why it’s wise to get your property insured to offset the considerable cost brought by flooding. The money you get from your insurance can help you bounce back from such an unfortunate calamity. 

Before securing flood insurance, hire a land surveyor to determine your property’s lowest elevation point. The flood insurance provider will refer to this certificate when deciding to approve your application. 

General Location Surveys

Surveyors perform general location surveys through record research and limited sire measurements to depict a property and its particular improvements. This type of survey is only an approximation compared to in-depth land surveying results of a boundary survey. 

However, insurance providers and mortgage companies hire professional surveyors to do a general location survey to help them make better decisions in the approval process of insurance or mortgage applications. 

Boundary Surveys

It’s a necessity for homeowners to determine the boundary lines of their properties. Therefore, it’s time to hire a certified surveyor to perform a boundary survey on your land. The land surveyor will do an exhaustive field measurement and document research to get crucial data related to the property. 

Marking the boundaries is also crucial in this type of survey for you to know where your property starts and ends. Then, the surveyor will provide a map of the surveyed area along with the boundary definition and written description. 

Subdivision Surveys

You can’t successfully complete a subdivision project without the professional help of a land surveyor. Subdividing a vast tract of land is a complex matter and requires expertise. Therefore, hiring a land surveyor with professional training and considerable experience is a must for the project to be successful. 

Drainage system plans and street maps are typically handled by the subdivision surveyor. Since permits are crucial to push through a subdivision project, the surveyor will also help arrange the necessary documents to local authorities. 

Site Planning Surveys

Developing a land area or doing a construction project needs a site planning survey. This survey measures the property and locates its boundary lines. Identifying existing structures on the site and defining its topographic features are also essential in a site planning survey . 

Typically, the land surveyor uses both boundary and topographic surveys to complete a site planning. 

A certified surveyor does a site planning survey if the client wants to get a building permit. You have to apply for this permit from your municipality. Securing a building  means that the local authority considers your project lawful according to zoning and building regulations. 

About Kings Point

Kings Point is a small town of 12,207 people in Palm Beach County, Florida. The place is largely composed of retirement communities, with approximately 5,500 homes occupied by retirees. In fact, there’s an Academy Award-winning documentary that depicts the lives of senior residents in this town. 

There are spectacular beaches and lakes in Kings Point that attract locals and tourists. One popular beach near the town is Delray Beach. You can also visit the Wakodahatchee Wetlands and see the wildlife thriving in this protected park. And the seafood and other local delicacies in Kings Point are simply the best in Florida. 

If you want to purchase a home in Kings Point, the median listing home price here is $169,000. There are nearly 300 houses in the town that are for sale.