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Are you looking for a quality Delray surveyor for your property? Delray residents and business owners have trusted the services of Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc for more than 30 years.

Robert L. Thompson served as the official Broward County and Port Everglades Surveyor. He then founded Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc in 1983 with the core belief of providing excellent customer service.

Since its start, the company has performed over 100,000 surveys in the South Florida area. The team’s dedication to efficiency and ethical surveying practices is just one of the reasons the city of Delray turns to Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc for their land and water survey needs.

The field technicians and specialists at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc often work with local processors, mortgage companies, and construction companies. Contact us today about your property and requesting an accurate survey.

Times to Call a Land Surveyor

When do you need to contact a surveyor? The general rule is anytime there is a significant change or alteration on the property or ownership.

Consider the following examples when you would need to hire a surveyor to assess and evaluate your property:

Houses and land are big-ticket items. The typical home costs almost $240,000 in Delray Beach, FL. This high cost means that most prospective homeowners will need to seek a loan through a bank or lender. 

Your lender will want to have the house and property appraised by a Delray surveyor to determine if it is worth the purchase price. Banks and other mortgage providers do not want borrowers to pay more than the property is worth. This is an upside-down mortgage, which means the borrower owes more than they could sell the property. 

A survey is part of the home appraisal process. The building or any structures on the property will have one value, and the land itself will have a different value. The property’s topography affects the land value, such as fertile soil for farms.

One of the most important things you want to do before purchasing a property is precisely knowing what you are buying. After the ink dries, some new owners find out that a portion of their land, sometimes that contains a fence or a garage, actually belongs to their neighbors. 

A survey will show you exactly where your property’s boundaries are and other details about the land and structures on it. Most owners think, “The fence line is where my property ends.” But that is not always the case.

Likewise, water surveys are essential for those who own docks and seawalls. Not knowing the mean high water could mean damage to your boats, sea vessels, and other property. 

Delray is a shoreside beach community attentive to the weather and common disasters. Many loan providers require borrowers to have insurance to pay for damages should something happen to the property. 

Flood insurance is a common requirement for homeowners in South Florida. Banks and lenders want to protect the property by decreasing the risk of the borrower defaulting on the loan. If a flood causes significant damage, the borrower could not have enough funds to cover the monthly payment and the repair costs. 

The insurance provider may be working off outdated information and charging property owners more than necessary. A surveyor can assess the property and provide a flood elevation certificate.  

Are you thinking about adding a pool or changing up the landscape? Topographic data is essential before digging into your land. Although you might consider putting in a pool is as simple as digging a hole, you will need to be aware of easements and other unknowns.

You also do not want to get in trouble with your neighbors. Some households put their fences a foot or two into their property. A tree or hedge may be on your side but still on their property. 

Having an accurate survey can also help during the planning process. Knowing the measurements of your property allows you to estimate materials more accurately. 

Adding a garage, another bedroom, or a workshop can add value to your property. That is why you want to ensure that it is on your land. The last thing you want to find out is that your new formal dining room is partially your neighbor’s.

Land surveys to check for easements and other unknowns. It could be expensive halfway through a remodel that the terrain cannot hold the foundation. The construction company will need to consider the topography and other nearby natural and artificial features.

Surveyor Services

At Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc, we provide comprehensive surveying services, including platting, sub-division, and construction layout. We perform surveys for:

  • Purchases and refinances – residential and commercial
  • Flood insurance and LOMA or LOMR 
  • New construction, building additions, or remodels
  • Property improvements – fences, pools, driveways, patios, and more
  • Docks, seawalls, and mean high water
  • Liquor licenses
  • Topographic data
  • Boundary disputes

Our state-of-the-art technology helps the team successfully perform operations efficiently. The surveying software allows administration and field staff to complete projects quickly and accurately. 

The Department of Professional Regulations issued licensing to Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc, and we are fully insured. We are also Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors members.

How We Serve Delray

Delray’s eastern border is three miles of beachfront property and the Gulf Stream. It is a popular destination for residents and tourists alike, from days at the beach to the downtown nightlife. 

The city has experienced a recent economic and developmental boom. New construction is happening throughout the area. The Intracoastal Waterway and municipal marina are also seeing changes. 

As the city makes updates to its infrastructure, residents and property owners are looking into alterations. The growth in Delray does not appear to be slowing down. 

Our team at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc can help you with your land or water survey needs. Whether you are buying property, looking to make improvements, or simply want to know more about your property, contact us today and we’ll send out a Delray surveyor.  

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