Without land surveying, you can’t know the measurements of your property and determine its boundaries. If you’re looking for a professional to survey your land, our licensed land surveyors in Belle Glade in Palm Beach County, Florida, are ready to help you. 

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. has invested a considerable amount of time and effort to become one of the best surveying firms in Florida. Our company is unrivaled when it comes to experience, technical proficiency, and ethical standards. For nearly 40 years, our licensed surveyors have been the go-to professionals by Floridians to survey their properties. 

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Types of Land Surveys We Offer in Belle Glade

Land surveyors can be assigned to perform a particular type of survey according to the client’s needs. It’s crucial for people who have no experience hiring a land surveyor to know the different types of land surveys. 

Survey for Getting Elevation Certificate

Flooding can damage your home and cause financial troubles. Imagine the repair expenses and the items you need to buy to start anew. Therefore, getting flood insurance is a smart way to offset the expenses after a flood devastation. 

The flood insurance application requires an elevation certificate, which you can get from a licensed surveyor. An elevation certificate determines the lowest point of elevation of your property. The insurance company will use this document as a basis for approving your insurance application and insurance coverage. 

Survey for Acquiring Beverage License

Local governments know the risk of allowing establishments that sell liquor near schools, churches, or medical facilities. That’s why they have ordinances that prohibit such businesses within a certain radius of these institutions. 

Anyone who plans to have a business that involves selling alcoholic beverages needs to acquire a license for that purpose. A professional land surveyor can help you determine the distance of your business from a church, school, or medical facility. This ensures that you comply with the law. 

Site Planning Survey

Developing a property or building structures on land requires a site planning survey. This type of survey finds the measurements of the property and establishes the boundary lines. It also defines the topographic features and locates existing structures on the land. A combination of topographic and boundary surveys is needed for site planning. 

A land surveyor with a license must perform the site planning survey if you need to apply for a construction permit. You can get this document from your local land authority. If you successfully obtain a construction permit, it means your planned project follows the local building and zoning standards. 

Boundary Survey

It’s essential for property owners to know the boundary lines of their holdings. If you need this kind of service, get a professional land surveyor to do a boundary survey. A field inspection and record research are necessary for this type of land survey. The surveyor will handle all these tasks, including the arrangements with the local land office. 

Moreover, markers are used to identify the boundaries of the property. The land surveyor will also draw a map of the surveyed area. A written description, boundary definition, and other important information will be on the map. 

Location Survey

A location survey approximately defines the boundary of the land and identifies its particular improvements. The land surveyor will look at related documents on the property and conduct an on-site inspection to check its features. However, this type of survey is not at par with a boundary survey when you’re talking about accuracy. 

Mortgage and insurance companies request a location survey to help them make informed decisions on approving home loan and insurance applications. 

Subdivision Survey

Subdivision projects need the expertise of a licensed land surveyor. Dividing a vast property into smaller lots is rather complex, but with the assistance of a professional surveyor, you can ensure that your subdivision project won’t have any problems. 

A subdivision survey typically includes street mapping and planning the drainage system. Getting permits from the local authorities is necessary for the project to start. Along with the land surveyor, you’ll also need a civil engineer and architect for a subdivision project. 

About Belle Glade

A city of approximately 20,000 people, Belle Glade is city in Palm Beach County known for its farming industry. The land is so fertile that residents make money from planting vegetables and sugarcane. Despite its location in South Florida, the city is culturally connected with the Florida Heartland. 

The 1920s Florida land boom made possible the foundation of Belle Grade. A vast tract of Everglades land was reclaimed, including the part around Lake Okeechobee. In 1921, the local government established an agricultural research center to discover methods of growing crops on the land. 

Belle Glade has a total area of 4.7 square miles – 0.21% of which is water, and 4.7 square miles is land.