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Property owners in Indian River Estates, Florida, are aware of the advantages of having their properties surveyed by a certified land surveyor. And they go to Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. when they need a surveyor for the work.  Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. has licensed professionals who will take care of your surveying needs. We have done over 100,000 surveys all over Florida since 1983, and we continue to do so with the use of new surveying technologies that ensure quality and accurate survey outcomes.   If you choose Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. to survey your property in Indian River Estates, you’ll surely not regret your decision. Call our company, and we’ll send a licensed surveyor to check your property. 

We Perform Different Types of Property Surveys

It’s essential to know the type of survey you want for your property, and we at Accurate Land Surveyors will discuss with you the various options you have. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of surveys we provide. 

Topographic Survey

A topographic survey aims to create a three-dimensional map showcasing the condition, location, size, and elevation of a property. It defines surface features, as well as natural and man-made features on a parcel of land.  If you do new construction or remodel a property, a topographic survey serves as a reference by contractors. It’s also used in road and bridge construction projects by civil engineers. 

Site Planning Survey

Site development and improvement projects need a site planning survey to figure out the site’s status. This survey uses a combination of boundary and topographic data to create an extensive view of the site. A site planning survey is essential for industrial, residential, and commercial development or improvement projects. 

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey is useful in projects that aim to divide or split a tract of land into multiple lots or estates. It describes the plot’s exterior boundaries that need to be divided. For the entire subdivision project, a subdivision survey will be followed by a topographic survey, designing the subdivision project, and creating a layout for the tract interior.  In most cities and counties, local ordinances help to set standards for describing individual estates or lots within the primary site or regulate the designation of roads, drainage systems, parklands, and utility easements. It’s crucial to have a subdivision survey to ensure that your project complies with such local ordinances. 

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey aims to establish or locate the boundary lines of a plot of land in connection to its legal description. It’s used in land dispute settlements and site development or construction projects.  The surveyor inspects the site and conducts research on the historical records related to the property. The research involves a review of the original deeds, ownership information, easements, and maps. 

Location Survey

A location survey is commonly used in the application for title insurance and mortgage. Lenders and insurance providers require this survey to help determine potential issues of a property. It provides them with relevant information that helps in their decisions to approve mortgage or insurance applications.  This type of survey helps determine the interior improvements, additional features, and apparent boundaries of a property. However, in comparison to a boundary survey, a location survey is less accurate. It’s not recommended to use this survey in construction or site development projects. 

Elevation Certificate Survey

If you want to apply for flood insurance, you’ll need first to obtain an elevation certificate. Before getting an elevation certificate, you have to hire a surveyor to certify the lowest point of elevation of a site and whether it’s situated in a flood-risk zone.

Beverage License Application Survey

Are you planning to run a business that sells alcoholic drinks? If yes, you need to get a permit or license from your local government.  The alcohol license application requires a survey that makes sure that your business location is not near a treatment facility, church, or school. 

About Indian River Estates

Indian River Estates is a community of about 6,754 people in St. Lucie County, Florida. The total area of Indian River Estates is 5.8 square miles, and its number of households is almost 2,350. Around 24% of the population of this small community is 65 years old and above, most of which are retirees who chose to spend and enjoy their senior years in Indian River Estates.  If you want to have some fun in Indian River Estates, there are bars, recreation parks, restaurants, golf courses, and beach areas you can find here.