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Land surveyors serve a significant role in avoiding or resolving land disputes. So, any property owner should hire such professionals to survey his/her property.  Are you thinking of hiring a land surveyor in Fort Pierce South now? Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is the company to call to help you in this matter.  Our surveying firm has accredited land surveyors whose job is to measure and define the boundaries of real estate properties. We do different types of land surveys using state-of-the-art surveying devices and equipment for better accuracy. Our team of professionals also subscribe to the highest standards of the surveying profession. 

Why You Must Hire an Accredited Land Surveyor

For starters, it’s crucial to know that land surveys have different types. Anyone who wants to hire a surveyor should know first what purpose they want for a land survey. Take note of these reasons why you want to hire a surveyor. 

Purchase of Real Estate Properties

Buying a real estate property can be an exciting endeavor. But you shouldn’t let your excitement cloud your judgment. Keep in mind that your first priority is to have a good purchase. Hence, you’ll have to ensure that you talk with your agent regarding the legal description, ownership information, features, and issues of the property you’re purchasing.  Then, the job of a licensed surveyor is crucial in this process to ensure that the size and boundaries of the property are accurate. The surveyor can also help to confirm the current proprietor of the land or house you’re buying.  A previous survey may help figure out the specifications of a property, but it may not be as accurate as the latest property survey. So, it’s to your advantage as a property buyer to get the services of a professional surveyor. 

Applying for a Construction/Building Permit

Doing a construction project or renovating a house can be problematic if you don’t secure a permit from your local government. Construction or building permits are required by government authorities to ensure compliance with zoning or building ordinances. Of course, not complying with local laws can spell trouble for your project.  In applying for a permit, a survey conducted by an accredited land surveyor is a must. The surveyor will define the boundary lines, locate easements, and check the terrain condition of your property.  Once the surveyor finds out that your construction or renovation project meets zoning or building ordinances or doesn’t infringe upon another’s property, your permit is on the way. 

Approval of Insurance or Mortgage Applications

Mortgage lenders need to weigh the pros and cons of approving an applicant’s mortgage or title insurance application. For example, the property that an applicant wants to buy must be something of value to cause the lender to lend money to the mortgage applicant.  Hence, a property survey will confirm the property’s market value and give the lender some insight whether to approve the application. The lender or insurance company can determine the size, features, and condition of the property if a survey is conducted on it. 

Securing an Elevation Certificate for Flood Insurance Application

You get your property insured against flood damage, especially if you’re residing in a flood-risk zone. It’s a smart way to have a financial backup in case your house gets damaged by flood. If you’re applying for flood insurance, hire a survey to secure an elevation certificate first.  The surveyor should determine your property’s lowest point of elevation. This way, you can confirm how prone your house is to flooding. 

Surveys We Do in Fort Pierce South

These are the surveys that our surveying company offers in Fort Pierce South, Florida. 
  • Subdivision survey
  • Boundary survey
  • Location survey
  • Site-planning survey
  • Topographic survey
  • Flood insurance application survey

About Fort Pierce South

Fort Pierce South is a census-designated place with a total area of 4.5 square miles in Florida’s St. Lucie County. According to a 2020 U.S. census, it has a population of 5,672 people, majority of which is White, while the rest is Black, Asian, and Native American.  In 2019, Fort Pierce South’s homeownership rate was 58.7%, and the median property value was $137,500. If you’re planning to purchase a property, there are apartments, condos, and houses for sale here.  When it comes to attractions and entertainment, there are parks, historical sites, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and sports facilities in Fort Pierce South. It’s a small CDP yet enjoying the fruits of economic development.  You can also find plenty of employment opportunities here, especially in construction, accommodation & food services, healthcare, finance, and retail trade industries.