Any real estate property owner needs to hire a land surveyor to confirm the boundaries and legal description of his/her property. In Fort Pierce North, we can provide you with a licensed surveyor if you need one. 

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is among the foremost surveying firms in Florida with a team of seasoned and professionally trained surveyors that can assist you with your property surveys. We utilize the latest surveying instruments and follow the standards of our profession to ensure that every survey outcome is error-free and accurate. 

We have been conducting surveying services for nearly 40 years already. Our clients trust our company because of the ample experience and technical proficiency of our surveyors. Let us know if you want our service through these numbers: Toll-Free: 800-273-3024 / Phone: 954-782-1441

Reasons to Hire a Fort Pierce North Surveyor

There are different reasons to get the services of a property surveyor. From buying a house and lot to settling a boundary dispute, you need a property survey. Here are the various purposes why you need a property surveyor. 

Buying Land or House

Don’t be too hasty when you’re purchasing a real estate property. Arm yourself with knowledge and discretion before deciding to purchase. For example, you must know the profile, legal description, and ownership information of the property first. Ask the right questions to the agent and work with a licensed surveyor to make an informed decision. 

You need a professional property surveyor to interpret the data provided by the real estate agent. The surveyor will check the boundary lines, size, and features of the property through field inspection and document research. 

While a previous survey can be useful, it’s not recommended to solely rely on it because the features of a property may change over time. You must hire a surveyor to perform a new survey on the property. 

Making Better Decisions on Mortgage Approvals

Mortgage lenders have to determine the pros and cons of approving someone’s mortgage application. For instance, the property that an applicant wants to purchase should be worth the money that the mortgage provider wants to lend. So, a survey is necessary to figure out the market value and issues (if there are any) of the property. 

By conducting a property survey, the lender will know the condition, measurements, and qualities of the property that a mortgage applicant is interested in buying. It will also ensure that the property complies with the local building and zoning ordinance. 

Getting a Building or Construction Permit

A construction or building permit is crucial to have if you want to start a house renovation or construction project. Many local governments require permits for such projects to ensure there’s compliance with local building and zoning regulations. You might be breaking the law if you begin a construction or renovation project without obtaining a permit. 

It’s a must to hire a certified surveyor to check the site wherein you’ll do your project. A survey will confirm the boundary lines of the property. It also helps describe its terrain conditions and easements to ensure that the project is good to go. 

Getting Elevation Certificate for Flood Insurance

It’s wise to get your house insured, especially if it’s located in a flood-prone area. When you have flood insurance, you’ll get money from the damages on your property caused by a flood. But applying for flood insurance requires you to get an elevation certificate, and you need to hire a certified surveyor for it. 

The surveyor’s job is to find out the lowest elevation point of your house and how the site is prone to flooding. When the survey is finished, you’ll get the elevation certificate from the surveyor. 

Types of Survey We Offer in Fort Pierce North

Our team at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. can perform different types of property surveys. This list is the surveying services we provide in Fort Pierce North, Florida.

About Fort Pierce North

Fort Pierce North is located in St. Lucie County, Florida. It has a total area of 4.5 square miles and a population of 6,926 people as per the 2019 U.S. census. The population of the census-designated place is composed of African Americans (64.8%), White (16.2%), and Hispanic (15.9%). 

The major industries in Fort Pierce North are public administration, educational services, health care, food and accommodation services, agriculture (hunting, fishing, forestry), and construction. 

If you’re planning to spend your vacation in Fort Pierce North, there are beautiful attractions in and near the CDP, such as the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, Heathcote Botanical Gardens, and Savannas Preserve State Park.