A land survey can help property owners in many ways. It helps determine the actual lines and boundaries of your land and protect it from encroachment. If you want to develop your property, a survey defines your land based on zoning and building codes in your locality.

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Why Hire a Land Surveyor in Clearwater?

The first thing you have to talk about with your surveyor is the purpose of the survey. Each client has a reason for the survey, and seasoned land surveyors are well aware of the different types of surveys that a variety of clients want. Here’s a discussion why you must hire a surveyor in Clearwater in Pinellas County.

Construction/Home Improvement Project

Do you have plans to renovate your home or construct a new building on your land? If yes, get the assistance of a professional land surveyor to check the area first. A land survey ensures that your project follows local building and zoning codes. It’s a standard operating procedure imposed by local governments to have a survey before they issue a permit for such a project.

When hiring a land surveyor, ensure he has the credentials and experience. Part of the surveyor’s job is determining the property lines and boundaries to ensure the construction or renovation project doesn’t encroach on adjacent properties. The surveyor will also check the area’s terrain condition to see if it’s suitable for the project.

If you don’t want to get embroiled in legal troubles and boundary disputes, you need the expertise of a land surveyor. Your surveyor will also help you process necessary documents related to the survey with the local land authority.

Purchase of Real Estate Property

You can’t blame property buyers for having a certain emotional attachment when buying land or a house. The decision will surely be filled with excitement, especially if the property suits your preference. However, you shouldn’t get overwhelmed with emotions because this decision involves a no small amount of money.

You should ensure you’re making a good purchase, and this requires some careful consideration. Take into account the pros and cons of the property you’re buying. Being balanced with your assessment can help you decide whether the property is an advantageous deal for you.

Hire a certified land surveyor to check the actual measurements and get essential information regarding the property. You should know who legally owns the property, and the surveyor can help by looking at the deed.

Getting Flood Insurance

Many homeowners in the United States face the problem of flooding when hurricanes batter their cities. Flood disasters can cost homeowners a huge amount of money in renovation and recovery. Thus, getting flood insurance is an excellent option for people residing in flood-prone areas because it can help them financially in flood disasters.

The money from your insurance can be used to renovate your property and purchase things you need after a flood calamity. So, if you want to apply for flood insurance, call a professional land surveyor to determine the lowest elevation point of your property. A survey is a requirement to get approved by the insurance company.

Give Insights to Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage companies run into a big problem when lending to delinquent borrowers. This occurs when there aren’t enough screening measures put in place. Nowadays, mortgage lenders ensure they’re lending money to qualified borrowers by getting the services of a surveyor to check the value of the property that the mortgage applicant is buying.

Checking the value of the property is crucial for mortgage lenders because it serves as collateral for the money they’re lending. A survey done by a certified surveyor can unveil the defects of the house and help the mortgage lender decide whether to approve the mortgage or not.

Surveys We Do in Clearwater

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. can provide you with an excellent service in any type of survey you need. Here are the surveys we offer in Clearwater, Florida.

About Clearwater

Clearwater is a city in Pinellas County, Florida. It has an area of 35.92 square miles, composed of 26.13 square miles of land and 9.79 square miles of water. The city’s population is 117,292 based on a 2020 census.

If you love the sunny weather and the beach, Clearwater is an excellent place for your vacation or retirement. The city is complete with amenities, such as schools, hospitals, parks, restaurants, and bars. The median home value here is $225,600, and the median rent is $1,167.