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Are you in need of land surveyors in Tavernier, FL? If so, Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc., got you covered! We have conducted 100,000 surveys in over 30 years. As a result, our team is the top choice for surveying services in Tavernier and South Florida.    Robert L. Thompson founded Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. in 1983. He was a former Port Everglades and Broward County Surveyor. His experience helped him establish the company into what it is today. We carry out quick and efficient surveys while providing outstanding customer care. In addition, we have the technology and team to conduct any land survey. We can assure you that our team will be able to handle your surveying needs. So, give us a call at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. We’ll be glad to provide you with a Tavernier surveyor to help you with land surveys and more.

Why Are Surveys Important?

Conducting a survey is essential for both residential and commercial property owners. It’s beneficial for your property during the time of your ownership and also required by law. For example, local offices, construction companies, and even lenders need these land surveys. Here are the common reasons why Tavernier residents need surveying services:

Financing a Property

A house or property is a good investment and can improve your investment portfolio. But it’s expensive and challenging to finance. Not everyone has the money to pay for a property upfront. The median house price in Tavernier is $800,000. Hence, those who can’t buy the property upfront must secure a mortgage to pay it. Mortgage lenders and financial institutions will ask for a home and property survey. A land survey helps determine a property’s value. For lenders, it will serve as collateral, so it must have the same value as the loan. 

Buying or Selling a Property

You’ll still need to have your property surveyed even if you don’t need financing for it. On the off chance that you plan to sell your property, buyers need to know the land’s boundaries. Homeowners want to know this to avoid any neighbor disputes in the future. Remember that a fence is not an accurate measurement of the property’s boundary. Disputes start when homeowners don’t respect property boundaries. A survey is also necessary to know where the easements are (if there are any) on your property. It helps you plan any home and land renovations if a city line runs through your yard.

Flood Insurance

It’s always wise to prepare for any disasters as a property owner. For example, South Florida experiences flooding. Residents know they should not neglect flood coverage insurance for their properties. You’ll need flood insurance if your property is under the Special Flood Hazard Area or SFHA. Insurance companies would ask for a flood risk survey first before granting one. Tavernier’s flood risk is increasing. Today, 2,115 properties are already at risk. Hence, you must safeguard your property before any damages occur. Contact us and prevent anything bad from happening to your property. Our survey will assess it for flood risk.

Changes to House or Property

You’ll need a survey first before you can renovate your home or build a new structure in your property. Doing a survey helps plan for any potential issues during the construction. Without a go signal from a land surveyor, you might encounter problems that’ll cost you money. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to fight with your neighbor for placing a building on their property. Property boundaries are a common cause of neighbor disputes. Avoid this by having your property surveyed. Additionally, you’ll need planning permission from your local office before construction starts. Planning permissions will need a survey first. And if you plan to hire a construction company, you have to present them with the survey, too. Our technicians will survey your land and guide you with your plans, so don’t hesitate to contact us. With our help, you’ll make an informed decision when it comes to renovating your property.

Surveying Services

We can do different types of land surveys here at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. So no matter what it is, we will be able to carry out accurate surveys for your property. Here are the services locals in Tavernier request:
  •         Topographic data
  •         Boundary disputes
  •         Property improvements (such as pools, fences, patios, and more)
  •         Flood Insurance and LOMA or LOMR
  •         Liquor licenses
  •         Docks, seawalls, and mean high water
  •         Structure additions, remodeling, and new construction
  •         Purchases and refinances (residential or commercial)
We are the best in Tavernier because of our customer service and care. As a result, our clients recommend us for any land survey needs. Our service doesn’t end after we’ve done the survey. We connect with insurance companies, mortgage lenders, local offices, and more to meet your needs. Connecting with them helps us deliver what we promised. Nothing is more important to us than client satisfaction. We also have a license from the Department of Professional Regulations. Moreover, we are proud members of the Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors.

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Tavernier has the best ocean activities Monroe County, Florida could offer. It’s a tropical paradise in the US where you can have fun in the ocean. The place is also a hotspot for water sports and scuba diving.