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Homeowners and real estate investors in Big Coppitt Key know the importance of hiring a certified property surveyor. If you own a property in this area, you can request a quality service from Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. to have your property surveyed.  In our nearly 40 years of providing surveying services all over Florida, we can assure you that we’ll get the work done alright. Our team are professionally trained and licensed surveyors who have the know-how of using the latest surveying technologies and sufficient experience in conducting common types of land surveys. If you need a quality and error-free survey for your property, Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. will be glad to help you. Just contact our office so that we can discuss the specifics and provide the right surveyor for the job. 

Property Surveys We Do in Big Coppitt Key

There are several types of property surveys, and you must know what type of survey is required for your property. If it’s your first time hiring a surveyor, don’t worry because we’ll assist you with the process and help you understand the specific type of surveying your property needs. 

Subdivision Survey

For dividing a large tract of property into smaller individual lots, you might need a subdivision survey for that project. This type of survey aims to describe the exterior boundaries of the main tract. The whole project will also involve a topographic survey, creating a layout for the tract’s interior, and project designing.  It’s common for many localities in the U.S. to ensure that subdivision projects, road designations, and park development projects follow local ordinances and zoning laws. You should work with a professional surveyor if you want to subdivide a property to ensure you won’t have issues with your project. 

Location Survey

For describing the apparent boundaries, interior improvements, and ancillary features of a property, a location survey is what you need. Insurance and lending companies commonly hire a location surveyor to help them make informed decisions for home loans or insurance applications.  A location survey helps mortgage providers and insurance companies discover issues of a property that an applicant wants to purchase or get insured. However, this type of survey isn’t recommended for site development and construction projects. It’s wise to commission a boundary survey for such projects because it’s more accurate. 

Site Planning Survey

A site planning survey is crucial for land development and construction projects. This type of survey employs both topographic and boundary surveys to determine the status and extensive view of the property wherein the project is to be done.  If you’re developing or improving a residential, commercial, or industrial site, you need a site planning survey.

Boundary Survey

For determining or locating the boundaries of a parcel of land in relation to its legal description, hire a surveyor who specializes in boundary surveys for the job.  A boundary survey involves a site inspection and document research. The surveyor will look at the information on property ownership, original deeds, maps, and easements. If you’re conducting a construction project or land development project, you can get a boundary survey for that purpose. This survey is also crucial in the settlement of land disputes. 

Topographic Survey

A topographic survey describes the natural, surface, and artificial features of a property. It also shows the size, location, condition, and elevation of a site through 3D mapping. Construction, home extension, and infrastructure projects require a topographic survey. 

Flood Insurance Survey

You need to obtain an elevation certificate if you apply for flood insurance. A surveyor specializing in site elevation surveys can help you get an elevation certificate. It’s crucial to determine the lowest elevation point of your property, and only a certified survey can do that job for you. 

About Big Coppitt Key

Big Coppitt Key is a small island with a total area of 1.5 square miles located in the lower Florida Keys. It’s a part of Monroe County, Florida, and it has a population of 2,825 people, according to a 2019 U.S. census.  You can find several businesses on the island. There’s also a police station supervised by the sheriff’s office of Monroe County, a Fire/Rescue station, three parks, and three churches on Big Coppitt Key.  There are also beautiful attractions and places in and near Big Coppitt Key. For instance, you can go to the nearby Geiger Beach and Boca Chica Beach for a refreshing dip. You can also take a tour and explore the islands in the Florida Keys for some memorable adventure.