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Our team of land surveyors in Wynwood in Miami-Dade County, Florida, is ready to provide all your surveying needs. Technical proficiency, years of experience, high ethical standards – these are what we put on the table when we do our work. Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is a surveying firm which has already proved its name, providing land surveying services in Florida for nearly 40 years. Being one of the pioneering land surveying firms in the Sunshine State is a serious responsibility. That’s why we constantly ensure we deliver the best service to our clients. So, if you own a property in Wynwood and want to get it surveyed, contact Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. now.

Types of Land Surveying Services We Offer in Wynwood

Our land surveyors have professional training and experience in doing different types of land surveys. We offer subdivision surveys, site planning surveys, location surveys, boundary surveys, and topographic surveys. Read below to learn more about what each of this type of survey means.

Subdivision Survey

Our land surveyors in Wynwood can help you with your subdivision project. Subdivision surveyors split a vast land area into smaller estates or lots. This type of survey is a rather complex project which includes street and drainage planning. It also requires cooperation with the local government and application of relevant permits. For a successful completion of a subdivision project, planners, civil engineers, and land surveyors work together. If you need such professionals, we can provide you with our own and call our partners for the project. Our surveyors will assist you through the subdividing process.

Boundary Survey

Many property owners want to know the boundaries of their properties. If you’re one of them, it’s time to get a land surveyor. A professional land surveyor will survey your property and conduct record research with the local land office to determine your property’s boundary lines. After the site inspection and record research, the land surveyor will put markers to delineate the boundary. Creating a map of the surveyed site is also the job of the surveyor. The map will include the boundary definition, written description of structures, and property plan. You can use a boundary survey for construction and land development projects.

Site Planning Survey

Another type of survey needed for building and land improvement projects is site planning survey. The land surveyor will measure the property, locate its boundary markers and existing structures, and determine its topographic features. A boundary survey and topographic survey is a must for site planning. If you want to acquire a building permit typically required by your local land authority, you might need to hire a licensed surveyor to do a site planning survey first. A building permit means that your project follows the zoning and building regulations of the local government.

General Location Survey

This type of survey approximately determines the boundary definition and particular improvements of property. It utilizes previous documents relating to the property and limited site inspection. A general location survey is typically used for property value assessment requested by insurance companies and mortgage lenders. In terms of accuracy, it’s less accurate compared to a boundary survey.

Survey for Beverage License Application

For people who want to start a liquor, pub, or bar business, a beverage license is a requirement for such a business endeavor. A local regulatory authority may require establishments that sell liquors to apply for a permit to ensure that they’re not operating in close distance with a medical institution or a school. A licensed surveyor will prove the proximity of the business establishment to hospitals and schools. The surveyor will be the one to help you to ensure that you’re complying with local government regulations on this matter.

Survey for Flood Insurance Application

You need to get insurance to help you recover financially if your house is devastated by flood. It’s a must if your property is situated in an area prone to flooding. An elevation certificate is what you need when applying for flood insurance. Hire a professional surveyor to check the lowest elevation point of your home. Then, he will give you an elevation certificate which will be used by the insurance company to decide in approving your application and determine your insurance coverage.

About Wynwood

Wynwood is a vibrant and colorful district in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It’s famous for its breweries, restaurants, entertainment venues, boutiques, and artwork. Many of the sidewalks and buildings in Wynwood are covered with murals, delighting locals and tourists. The Fashion District and Art District are the major sub-districts of Wynwood. There are many Puerto Rican immigrants in Wynwood, most of them are owners of shops and restaurants. An increasing amount of investment has been a boon to this neighborhood since the early 2000s. The thriving businesses make the area a focus of economic development over the years.