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Are you sure you know where your property lines are? Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc is the company Miami Gardens residents and property owners have trusted for nearly 40 years. 

Founder Robert L. Thompson served as the official Broward County and Port Everglades Surveyor before starting Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. The business has conducted over 100,000 surveys since then. 

Since 1983, the team members at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc have upheld Robert L. Thompson’s dedication to customer service and quality services. Our highly qualified staff members are available for land and water surveys in Miami Gardens.

When Do You Need a Surveyor

Land surveyors measure the legal boundary of the property. The city of Miami Gardens has maps that divide the property into parcels with an identifying number. This lot assignment is also how the local government determines taxes for property owners. 

Knowing where your legal boundaries could save you money and stress in the future. For instance, the law can hold property owners responsible for injuries suffered because of hazards. If a tree between you and your neighbor falls, the person whose property it was on could be liable for covering the damages. 

The survey can also show topography information, details about structures on the property, and unseen easements. The most common situations that call for a surveyor include:

Buying a home or land is exciting, especially for first-time buyers. However, you should not let your enthusiasm cloud your judgment. Purchasing property includes gaining legal and financial responsibilities, such as property management and taxes.

Before signing the dotted line, make sure you know what you are buying. A survey will clearly show you defined property lines. It can also have details about the natural features and human-made structures. 

A topographic survey will show you the land elevation as it relates to the sea. Of all 50 states, Florida has the lowest average elevation. Combined with South Florida’s tropical weather and storms, this low elevation can make some properties more prone to flooding. 

If you are getting a loan to buy your home or land, your lender may require a survey. Lenders have this requirement so they can verify the property they are funding. A bank will want to verify the land or home purchase to:

  • Determine if the property is enough collateral for the loan. 
  • Confirm the property is the same as the one noted in the purchasing documents.
  • Prove which buildings, structures, and features are on the property. 
  • Establish which, if any, neighboring structures or properties encroach on it. 

If you are applying for a loan to build your dream home on land you already own, the lender may want a survey to confirm you can build on the property. A survey can show hazards and other potential problems should you start construction. 

Due to its geography, many parts of South Florida, including Miami Gardens, are prone to flooding. As a result, homeowners purchase policies to protect them in the event of water damage from flooding. Likewise, many lenders require borrowers to have flood insurance as a requirement for the loan. 

Property can change over time, like its elevation and flood planes. You could be paying higher monthly rates based on old information. Or your policy may not cover your property’s risk of damage. 

The average square footage of Miami Gardens houses is smaller than 1,500. Families often decide to build additional rooms to expand the space and increase the property’s value. 

You might be surprised to discover the fence between you and your neighbor is not the legal boundary. You should contact a Miami Gardens surveyor to ensure your new space remains on your property only, not your neighbors’.  

Before making changes to your land, you should be aware of your property lines. For instance, some people put their fences several feet into their property to section off the space for children or animals. A tree on “your side” of the fence could actually belong to your neighbor. 

A survey can make big landscape projects easier to plan. You can estimate material better with an accurate map of your property. 

Surveyor Services

We have provided Miami Gardens Surveyor services for decades. Our professional team at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. conducts surveys for:

  • Purchase or refinances – residential and commercial
  • Flood insurance and LOMA or LOMR 
  • New construction, building additions, or remodels
  • Property improvements – fences, pools, driveways, patios, and more
  • Docks, seawalls, and mean high water
  • Liquor licenses
  • Topographic data
  • Boundary disputes

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc uses custom-designed software as the keystone of our operations. With the help of this proprietary technology, our team ensures accuracy, including staying within the quote and deadline. 

We are committed to customer service and communication. For decades, we have successfully worked with local: 

  • Attorneys. 
  • Architects. 
  • Construction companies. 
  • Engineers. 
  • Examiners. 
  • Title company processors. 
  • Lenders. 
  • Mortgage companies. 

We are fully insured and are licensed by the Department of Professional Regulations. We are proud members of the Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors as well. 

How We Serve Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens is home to the Miami Dolphins and more than 100,000 residents. Located near the beach and the city of Miami, it is a popular area for young couples and families. 

Like most cities in South Florida, Miami Gardens sees a lot of rain and tropical storms each year. The city receives almost 64 inches of rain over 134 days annually. 

Miami Gardens has an average elevation of seven feet above sea level. Combined with the weather, flooding and landscape changes are frequent occurrences. We can help assess your risk for property damage from flooding, high winds, and storm surges. 

For more than 30 years, we have worked for the residents and businesses of Miami Gardens, FL and the surrounding areas. We can send a Miami Gardens surveyor to your property to assess your survey needs. Contact us today about your land or water survey needs.

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