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If you’re looking for a land surveying company with the right technical expertise and years of experience on its resume, don’t look far than Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. 

For over 30 years, our company has served Cutler Bay and other areas in South Florida, offering our services with no less than the best team of land surveyors in the surveying profession. Our former clients can attest to our reputation, and the over 100,000 surveys we conducted all over South Florida are proof that we are a company you can trust. 

A brainchild of Robert L. Thompson, Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. has its vision to provide land surveys that follow ethical surveying standards coupled with the highest work efficiency and the best customer service. Since 1983, our company has become a success because of these principles which are most cherished by our founder and ingrained in our workforce.

Our specialists and professionals at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. can do whatever types of land survey you need. We’ll do our job with the highest accuracy and efficiency. So, send us a call and we’ll talk about your surveying needs!

Reasons to Get Your Cutler Bay Property Checked by a Surveyor

There are many reasons why you need a land survey on your property. First of all, it’s your responsibility as a property owner to have accurate records of the boundary lines of your property and to ensure that it complies with land laws.

Plus, there are other reasons why getting your property surveyed is essential, and we’ll talk about them below. 

Sale or Purchase of Property

Before buying a property, you should know the property’s accurate measurements and identify its boundary lines, fences, and easements. A land survey is an excellent way to avoid land disputes with adjacent landowners and a great device for property planning. Hire a land surveyor to know what you’re buying before sealing the deal with the seller. 

Should the buyer or the seller shoulder the cost of a land survey? Well, there’s no legal requirement to whom the cost of a land survey should fall. But both parties can talk about dividing the cost of the land survey. 

As a seller, you can pay for the survey and include it in the overall price of the property. You can also request a survey on the property as a buyer for the purposes mentioned above. 

Mortgage Application or Refinancing

There are requirements if you’re going to apply for a mortgage. Lenders will assess if you have a stable income and a good credit score. Moreover, they’ll want to know about the property that you want to own because it will serve as a security to the money you borrow. 

Lenders will demand a land or house survey to ensure that they’re getting advantageous collateral. A land survey is very useful during the appraisal of the property. It can also determine how much you can borrow through the mortgage. 

Adding or Improving Structures on the Property

One way of increasing the value of a property is to add or improve the structures on it. Building an outhouse or garage, adding an extension, or upgrading the look of the yard through landscaping can drive up the worth of your property. 

However, before you can make improvements or additions to the property, you need to have a construction plan and get permission from a relevant government agency in your locality. Before upgrading your property, it requires a survey to determine potential issues that may arise during the construction. 

A survey will show the easements of the property, boundary lines, and the stability of the terrain. It will be a great deal of help for the construction company to carry out the additions or alterations on your property when there’s a survey for reference. 

Application for Flood Insurance

Cutler Bay and other areas in South Florida are prone to flooding. That’s why if you own a property in these communities, it’s advisable to obtain flood insurance to protect your assets. Getting flood insurance will be a great benefit for you, but you need to get your property surveyed before obtaining insurance. 

Hiring a surveyor to determine how much risk your property is exposed to flooding is essential to your insurance plan. As your property’s topography changes, so do your property’s risk of flooding. You should make sure that your insurance will recover the losses in case of flooding. 

Surveying Services We Offer in Cutler Bay

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. does almost any type of survey in Cutler Bay. Many locals in this community contact us to perform the following surveys:

  • Purchase or refinancing of either commercial or residential property
  • Renovations or additions on a property
  • Surveys for seawalls, docks, or mean high water
  • Surveys for getting liquor licenses.
  • Topographic surveys
  • Surveys for land dispute resolutions
  • Flood insurance surveys
  • Site planning surveys

About Cutler Bay

Cutler Bay is a town in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It has a population of over 45,000 and is the 9th most populous municipality that’s part of the urban core of Miami. 

This town is situated west of Biscayne Bay, and it has a total area of 4.9 square miles or 13 square kilometers. The land area of Cutler Bay is 4.8 square miles or 12 square kilometers, and the water area is 0.1 square miles or 0.26 square kilometers. 

Cutler Bay is prone to flooding because it’s lying in a flat coastal wetland on Biscayne Bay. It was extensively damaged when Hurricane Andrew hit the town in 1992.

Cutler Bay is known for its shopping malls and tourist attractions. It also has popular neighborhoods that are great for real estate investing.