bay harbor islands surveyor
One way or another, there comes a time that you’ll need a surveyor to survey your real estate property. When that time comes, Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is the company to call.  Founded by Robert L. Thompson in 1983, our surveying firm made a name for itself for having the most capable and well-trained surveyors in Florida. We serve our clients with professional integrity and quality of service – always making sure their expectations are met or exceeded.  Keep in mind Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc., and call our office if you need a licensed professional to survey your real estate property. 

We Do Various Types of Surveys in Bay Harbor Islands

The technical expertise of our team of surveyors is diverse. We have surveyors that can do a boundary survey, location survey, subdivision survey, topographic survey, site planning survey, etc. Here’s the stuff we do in Bay Harbor Islands. 

Site Planning Survey

Site planning surveys are typically conducted in land improvement or property construction projects. This type of survey aims to establish topographic elevation, land measurement, and location of existing structures and boundary markers. It’s common for site planning surveys the utilization of both topographic and boundary surveys.  If you need to secure a construction permit, a surveyor may perform a site planning survey first, depending on the requirement of your local government. Securing a construction permit is proof that your construction plan complies with building and zoning ordinances. 

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey – as you can tell by its name – helps you establish the boundaries of your property. Through record research and field inspection, the surveyor figures out the corners and boundaries of a plot of land. Then, after defining the measurements of the land, the surveyor will build markers to indicate the boundaries.  It’s also crucial to map out the surveyed area. Definitions of the boundaries, a property plan, and written descriptions of natural and man-made structures must be indicated on the map. A boundary survey is essential in site improvement and construction projects. 

Flood Insurance Survey

It’s wise to have insurance against property damage brought by flooding. Flood insurance is crucial for property owners living in flood-prone areas. One of the requirements before securing flood insurance is an elevation certificate. For this purpose, you need a surveyor to establish the lowest elevation point of your residence and get this document. 

Subdivision Survey

For splitting a substantial tract of land into smaller lots, you’ll need a surveyor who specializes in subdivision surveys. This type of survey is typically a big project, and it may include drainage and street planning. Moreover, the subdivision planner must cooperate with the local government and get the necessary permits for this project.  Subdivision planners, surveyors, and engineers work together for a subdivision project. We at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. can assist you with your personnel needs. Our people can help walk you through the whole process of subdividing a tract of land and the requirements to comply with this project. 

General Location Survey

Using data from limited field measurements and document research, a general location survey approximately defines a property and particular improvements. Compared to a boundary survey, a general location survey is less accurate, but it can be utilized for the assessment of properties as done by lending and insurance companies. 

Surveys for Getting Beverage License

For businessmen who are planning to put up a bar, pub, or liquor store, it’s crucial to secure a beverage license first. Many local governments require this license from businesses selling alcoholic beverages to ensure that their business establishments are not close to a school, hospital, or place of worship.  Getting this license requires you to hire a surveyor to measure the distance of your business from said institutions. A surveyor is crucial in this matter because he/she can help you comply with local government standards or ordinances. 

About Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor Islands is a town in Miami-Dade County composed of two islands: Bay Harbor and Broadview. The former contains multi-family housing and a business district, while the latter is mainly a residential area composed of single-family houses. The Broad Causeway connects the town to the mainland.  The town has several attractions that locals love and tourists come to visit. People particularly love Bay Harbor Islands because of its small-town vibe, away from the noise and bustle of the city.  Experience and have fun in its spectacular beaches, art galleries, museums, and historical sites. If you love food and shopping, there’s a wide selection of restaurants and stores in the town.