port salerno surveyor
If you own a real estate property in Port Salerno, you should know that hiring a licensed land surveyor is essential. A surveyor can help you determine the exact boundary lines of your property and avoid land disputes. If you back up this statement, you can request a land survey from Accurate Land Surveyors Our company offers quality land surveys in the six counties in Florida, namely: Miami-Dade, Broward, Martin, West Palm, Monroe, and St. Lucie. The surveyors in our team are licensed and technical experts in their chosen profession, and we utilize modern technology for more accurate survey outcomes.  Visit our website for more information about what we do, or call us directly if you want to request for a land survey. The professionals at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. are ready to serve you. 

Surveys We Do in Port Salerno

Surveyors do different types of surveys for their clients. If you’re going to request a survey, it’s essential to know the type of survey your property needs. Our surveyors can help you discuss the specifics and explain to you the survey process. 

Topographic Survey

This type of survey defines the surface, natural, and man-made features on a site. The surveyor uses three-dimensional mapping to show the elevation, condition, and measurements. Topographic surveying is done in infrastructure and construction projects. 

Site Planning Survey

This is a type of survey that complements construction and site development projects. A site planning survey aims to show the condition and comprehensive view of a property by utilizing boundary and topographic surveying. You need this type of survey if you’re planning to improve or develop an industrial, residential, or commercial property. 

Subdivision Survey

A type of survey used in defining the boundaries of a large tract of land and subdividing it into smaller estates or lots. It creates layout for the land’s interior, uses topographic surveying for the condition and elevation of the site, and designing of the subdivision project.  In counties and municipalities in the United States, subdivision project planners or developers must comply with zoning laws and local ordinances. It’s also the same with park development and road designation projects. The job of a licensed surveyor that specializes in subdividing land is crucial in ensuring that such projects push through without problems. 

Boundary Survey

One of the most common types of property surveys are boundary surveys. This survey helps locate and define the boundaries of a property, and the surveyor will do a record research and field inspection. Reviewing the history of the property, maps, ownership information, original deeds is crucial in this type of survey.  Property owners who want to develop land or construct buildings and structures on their properties need a boundary surveyor to avoid boundary conflicts with adjacent properties. If you need to settle land disputes, you can hire a surveyor to do a boundary survey. 

Location Survey

A location survey is different from a boundary survey in that the former isn’t based on markets at the property. In other words, this survey is not as precise as a boundary survey. But it’s an affordable alternative to locate the property lines and improvement/s on the property using recorded easements and legal description. You require a location survey to get mortgage or title insurance for a new house. If you’re purchasing a new property and planning to make improvements on it, you should request a boundary survey to determine the exact property lines and locate the building setback lines. 

Flood Insurance Survey

In applying for flood insurance, it’s crucial to determine the lowest elevation point of the site. You require a licensed surveyor for the job and obtain an elevation certificate that proves your house is in a flood-risk zone. Getting your home insured against flood damages is crucial if your house is located in such areas. 

About Port Salerno

Port Salerno is a small fishing village in Martin County, Florida. According to a 2020 census, it has a population of 11,486 people.  The picturesque bay called Manatee Pocket defines Port Salerno. The shoreline of this bay is bustling with fishing-related enterprises, such as boatyards, marinas, commercial fishing boats, charter boats, and seafood places.  Many visitors love to go to the seafood restaurants and nautical shops in the area. Other attractions include fishing piers, marinas, parks, picnic sites,  East of Port Salerno’s waterfront district, you can find the residential areas. The median listing home price here is $330,000. There are affordable townhomes and condos and expensive waterfront houses in Port Salerno.