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North River Shores Surveyor

Do you need a North River Shores surveyor to check your residential or commercial property? At Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. we offer the most sought-after surveying services in all of North River Shores in Martin County, Florida. 

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. takes pride in its team of professionals and specialists in the land surveying profession. The company has been in this work for over 30 years already, and we have over 100,000 surveys on our resume. 

Our land surveyors strictly follow ethical surveying principles as espoused by our founder Robert L. Thompson. With meticulous attention to detail, the highest level of efficiency, and the best customer service, we get the job done for our clients. Since 1983, we have always satisfied our clients’ needs and it’s the not-so-secret ingredient to our success and the reason we’re trusted in our field. 

If you want to get your property in North River Shores surveyed, don’t hesitate to contact Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. Talk with us about your surveying needs and we’ll send our best land surveyor to work with you. 

Surveying Services We Offer in North River Shores

Not all North River Shores properties require the same type of survey. For instance, one property may need a site planning survey, while another a location survey. Here are the most common surveys that Accurate Land Surveyors do in North River Shores. 

Location Survey

The purpose of a location survey is to identify the property’s physical boundaries and additional features, such as interior improvements. Mortgage lenders require this type of survey during loan application or refinancing, and developers use it to ensure that development complies with zoning regulations. 

Surveyors who perform a location survey inspect the property to locate improvements relative to its apparent boundary lines. The accuracy of this type of survey is plus or minus a few feet. 

A location survey shouldn’t be used for determining property lines in construction projects or identifying boundaries for permits. 

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey defines the perimeter or physical boundaries of a property. A land surveyor performing this type of survey will conduct an on-site inspection and thorough consultation of the property’s original deeds. Research on land records includes scrutinizing easements, title certificates, deeds, subdivision maps, and previous surveys. 

If you’re planning to build on the property, a boundary is necessary because it helps establish the property’s boundary lines in connection with the site’s legal specifications. The goal is to prevent any issues or disputes that may arise in the purchase or development of the property. 

Site Planning Survey

Using both boundary and topographic surveys, a site planning survey shows an extensive overview of the site’s status. This type of survey is used for industrial, residential, and commercial development. Developers obtain a total view of a site because of the detailed information provided by a site planning survey. 

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey is used to subdivide an existing property into smaller tracts, estates, or lots. An example of this is when a developer turns a townhouse into several apartments. The goal of a subdivision survey is to make sure that smaller lots comply with draining and street requirements. 

A metes-and-bounds system is used in subdivision surveys to define individual lots within the area. A number or letter is used to identify each lot on the map, and a government agency will provide an official record of the map to ensure consistency. 

Topographic Survey

A topographic survey aims to create a 3D map of the site you’re planning to develop, delineating both natural and man-made features, such as roads, utilities, buildings, streams, trees, ditches, and embankments. 

By marking out the property’s surface features, a topographic survey aims to characterize the existing conditions of an area. This type of survey is used in civil engineering designs and construction projects. 

Hydrographic Survey

For waterway planning, dredging analysis, and finding wrecks, surveyors conduct hydrographic surveys. The purpose of this type of survey is to determine the bottom configuration and depth of a water body. 

Elevation Survey

An elevation survey figures out the lowest point of elevation of a property. It’s crucial for flood insurance applications since insurance companies require an elevation certificate to calculate your flood insurance premium. 

You’ll need flood insurance when you’re living in North River Shores, Florida because it’s considered to be a flood-risk area. If you have a flood insurance premium, you can recover the losses caused by a flood. 

Liquor License Survey

If you want to operate a liquor store, a nightclub, or a bar in North River Shores, you need to apply for a license to sell alcoholic drinks. One of the requirements of getting a liquor license is a land survey to figure out the distance or radius of your business to a church or school. 

About North River Shores

North River Shores is located in the state of Florida’s Martin County. It’s touted as among the best places to live in this U.S. state. The approximately 4,000 residents of North River Shore enjoy a dense suburban vibe of living, and many of the locals own their houses, while 15% of the locals rent. 

Many commercial establishments in North River Shores include shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and small stores. There are also public parks and beaches where residents and tourists frequent. And it’s one of the census-designated places with high-rate public schools. 

North River Shores is a small place with a total area of 1.9 square miles or 4.9 square kilometers. Its land area is 1.3 square miles or 3.4 square kilometers, while its water area is 0.6 square miles or 1.6 square kilometers.