There will come a time in owning a real estate property when you’ll need to hire a certified land surveyor. For example, a land surveyor is the professional to get when establishing or locating boundary lines, building or renovating a house, and buying a property. In addition, a surveyor can help if you need information on ownership and legal description of a property.

Concerning land surveying-related matters, the one to contact is Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. Our company helps property owners, land developers, and real estate professionals in Bradenton, Manatee County, and other parts of Florida. We have been doing professional surveying services since 1983, with over 100,000 land surveys in our resume.

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Land Surveys We Do in Bradenton

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the different land surveys before talking to a land surveyor. When you’re familiar with the various surveys, you’ll know what type of survey your property needs. For example, accurate Land Surveyors do the following land surveys in Bradenton, Manatee County.

Beverage License Survey

Be wary of state laws concerning the sale of alcoholic beverages. Some states and counties prohibit the sale of liquor near hospitals, schools/universities, and churches. Anyone who wants to start a bar, pub, or liquor store business must apply for a permit or beverage license to realize his business plans.

The distance of your store to the institutions mentioned above is crucial here. You need a land surveyor to ensure your business isn’t within the stipulated radius of a church, hospital, or school. The local authority will require the survey results before issuing the permit for you to sell alcoholic beverages.

Boundary Survey

A certified land surveyor performing a boundary survey aims to determine or locate the boundary lines of a property. Site inspection and document research are crucial tasks in a boundary survey. In-depth measurements on the property and getting the description and ownership information at the local land office are key here.

When the land surveyor successfully establishes and locates the property lines, he will set markers on the area. Then, the surveyor will create a map depicting the property lines and their features.

Subdivision Survey

Dividing a large property into individual estates or lots needs a platting or a subdivision survey. A land developer should collaborate with an experienced subdivision surveyor for the job. This collaboration should ensure that the individual estates or lots are designated according to the project plan.

Since a subdivision should have designated streets, the land surveyor will draw a map. Also, the surveyor will assist the land developer in planning the subdivision’s drainage systems.

General Location Survey

A person applying for home insurance or mortgage must pass the company’s qualifications. For instance, the property in question should have a market value. The lender or the mortgage company will hire a surveyor to survey the property the applicant wants to buy to ensure they’re not at a disadvantage with the deal.

The surveyor’s job is to get approximate measurements of the area and take note of the features of the said property. This is called a general location survey, an affordable yet less accurate alternative to a boundary survey. For example, mortgage lenders and insurance providers use an available location survey to determine the value and issues of a real estate property.

Flood Insurance Survey

Flood disasters brought by hurricanes may cost millions of dollars of property damage. In addition, such calamities often hit people living in low-lying areas, and homeowners spend a lot of money renovating their homes. Thus, getting flood insurance is a popular option in these areas.

A survey is needed when you apply for flood insurance. The surveyor will check your property’s lowest elevation point and issue an elevation certificate which you’ll use for your insurance application.

Site Planning Survey

A site planning survey is a requirement for renovating or building structures on a property. This survey ensures that the project follows zoning laws and building codes. In addition, the surveyor will get the property’s perimeter and define its topographical features.

If the survey results show that the project is safe and abides by legal requirements, you’ll be issued a permit to start the project.

About Bradenton

Bradenton is situated on the Gulf Coast of Florida, north of Sarasota and south of the Tampa Bay area. It’s the county seat of Manatee County and is famous for its historical and cultural tourism.

You won’t regret buying a property and moving to Bradenton because of its high livability score. It has pretty good weather, and there are diverse amenities you can find in the city. In addition, the median home value here is $192,800, while the median rent is $1,158.