Land surveyors play a crucial role in the life of property owners. Such professionals are responsible for measuring and mapping the land to determine its boundaries. If you want some data on the topography and existing structures on a property, a land surveyor is the one to call. Land surveyors are employed for mapmaking, engineering, and construction projects.

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Types of Land Surveys We Do in Fort Myers

Folks who want to hire a surveyor should at least know the purpose of the survey so the surveyor will have an idea what type of survey to do on the property. Get to know these different types of surveys before you hire a surveyor.

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey divides the land into lots or estates. This job requires the professional expertise of a licensed land surveyor. Typically, property developers hire or partner with land surveyors in a subdivision project.

Individual lots should be properly designated by the land surveyor. Drawing out street maps and planning drainage systems are also his duties. For the successful accomplishment of the subdivision project, a land surveyor should coordinate closely with the developer.

Site Planning Survey

You should observe building and zoning codes of your municipality when doing a property development or construction project. In this case, you should work with a licensed land surveyor to ensure your project meets the necessary legal requirements. The land surveyor will perform a site planning survey, as required when getting a permit from local authorities.

This type of survey certifies the perimeter of the property, locates boundaries and improvements, and defines the topographic features of the site. A combination of topographic and boundary surveys are necessary for site planning.

General Location Survey

Home insurance and mortgage companies are wise when dealing with their applicants. For instance, they need to check the value of the property that the insurance or mortgage applicant is buying. Hiring a licensed surveyor to perform a general location survey is crucial in this matter.

Although only the property’s approximate measurements are determined by a general location survey, it can still provide the necessary information to mortgage and insurance companies. The affordability of this type of survey compared to a boundary survey is what attracts mortgage and insurance companies to use it.

Boundary Survey

If you own a real estate property, it’s crucial to determine its boundaries from start to end. Contact a licensed land surveyor to conduct a boundary survey on your property for this purpose.

A boundary survey involves field measurements of the area and document research. The surveyor will check the historical documents of the property at the local land authority. Then, the boundary lines will be marked out to avoid encroachment by adjacent properties. The surveyor will also draw a map of the area describing its property lines and essential features.

Flood Insurance Survey

It’s difficult to live in a place that’s prone to flooding. The expensive cost of renovation and recovery after a flood calamity is surely a problem for anyone residing in such an area. But if you get flood insurance, the financial cost of handling such an unfortunate situation can be minimized.

Your flood insurance helps cover the cost of property damage due to a flood disaster. A flood insurance application requires a survey on your property to get its lowest point of elevation. The surveyor will give you an elevation certificate, which is a requirement when applying for the insurance.

Liquor License Survey

Starting a business that sells alcoholic beverages requires you to apply for a liquor license. Local governments aim to hinder the selling of liquors near churches, schools, and hospitals. That’s why they create ordinances requiring liquor businesses to get a permit before setting up their stores.

A survey determines the distance of your liquor store from the said institutions. If your place of business is not within the stipulated radius, you can be allowed to set up a store.

About Fort Myers

The county seat of Lee County, Florida, Fort Myers is a commercial center and is among the fastest growing cities in the United States. According to a 2021 census, it has a population of 92,245. Its total area is 49.04 square miles, which is 39.84 square miles land and 9.20 square miles water.

Fort Myers is an excellent place to spend your retirement because of its affordable housing options and strong economy. The median home value in this city is $248,400, and the median rent is $1,096.