There comes in the life of a property owner that he will need to hire a professional land surveyor. When establishing or marking the property boundaries, constructing or renovating a house, selling a property, a land surveyor can be a big help. A surveying expert can help if you want information on the topography, ownership, and legal description of a property.

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is the company to call for land surveying related matters. We assist homeowners, real estate professionals, and property developers in Tampa, Hillsborough County and other parts of Florida. Doing what we do best since 1983, we assure you won’t regret trusting us with your projects.

We employ licensed land surveyors with years of experience and the right technical expertise in their chosen profession. And to ensure accurate survey results, our land surveyors take advantage of new technology and modern land surveying equipment.

Types of Surveys We Do in Tampa

It’s crucial to be familiar with the various types of surveys before getting the services of a land surveyor. This way, you can know what survey is to be done on your property and discuss with the surveyor about it. Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. offer these land surveys in Tampa, Hillsborough County.

Flood Insurance Survey

Flooding caused by hurricanes and torrential rain is a huge problem for residents in low-lying areas. Flood calamities can devastate homes in these areas, and property owners spend a lot of money for renovation and recovery. If you want a financial backup in such emergencies, you need to apply for flood insurance.

Among the qualifications to secure flood insurance is getting the lowest point of elevation of your property. You need a professional surveyor for this job, and he will give you an elevation certificate to prove that your residence is in a flood-risk area.

Beverage License Survey

Many states and municipalities have strict laws concerning the sale of alcoholic drinks, especially near churches, schools/universities, and hospitals. A businessman who wants to set up a liquor store, pub, or bar needs to apply for an alcoholic beverage license before he can start his business.

You must hire a professional surveyor to measure the proximity of your business place from any of the institutions mentioned above. Your local government will need the survey results before giving you the permit to sell alcoholic beverages.

Subdivision Survey

Splitting a land area into individual lots or estates requires platting or subdivision survey. A land developer must work with a seasoned subdivision surveyor to accomplish such projects. A collaboration between the land developer and the land surveyor should ensure that individual lots or estates are properly designated.

The land surveyor also draws out maps for the streets of the subdivision. Plus, he will work with the land developer and engineers to plan the site’s drainage systems.

Site Planning Survey

You need to observe building codes and zoning laws when doing a construction or house renovation project. The technical expertise of the surveyor will help you meet legal requirements by conducting a site planning survey. Without this survey, your local government won’t issue a permit for your project.

The perimeter of the site must be determined before you can construct or renovate a building, and a site planning survey can provide this information. It also provides description and information on topographical features and existing improvements on the property.

General Location Survey

Anyone who wants to get a home insurance or mortgage has to meet the requirements imposed by the company. Since home insurance providers and mortgage lenders want to ensure that you’re qualified, they will hire a surveyor to check the market value of the property you’re buying.

A professional land survey will measure the area and check the features of the said property. It’s crucial to note that a general location survey only get the approximate measurements, which means that it’s less accurate than a boundary survey. Still, home insurance and mortgage companies use this survey to determine the qualifications of an applicant.

Boundary Survey

A professional land surveyor conducting a boundary survey aims to establish or locate the boundary lines of a property. Thorough measurement of the site and document research are crucial tasks for the success of a boundary survey.

When the land surveyor is done with determining the boundary lines, he will put markers on the property. Then, he will draw a map defining the property lines and its essential features.

About Tampa

Tampa is a city and a major business center located along the Gulf Coast of Florida. It’s the county seat of Hillsborough County and the largest city in Tampa Bay. Based on a 2021 census, Tampas has a population of 387,050 people.

If you’re planning to live in Tampa, you can enjoy a stable economy and affordable housing market. The city also has many beaches and outdoor attractions perfect for your vacation.