Real estate property owners will need the expertise of a land surveyor one way or another.
Land surveyors play a significant role in marking of boundary lines, purchase/sale of property,
construction/renovation projects, among other things. You should call a surveyor if you need
data on property ownership, topography, and existing structures on land.

If you live in Naples in Collier County, Accurate Land Surveyors can assist you if you need
surveying for your property. Our company has been in this profession since 1983, employing
the best team of land surveyors and offering professional land surveying services to residents
in Florida.

We utilize new surveying technology and equipment to guarantee accurate survey results for
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Types of Land Surveys We Offer in Naples

Property owners who need a land surveyor should at least have an idea on the purpose of the
survey to let the surveyor know what type of survey to conduct. Be familiar with this list of
land surveys we do in Naples, Florida.

General Location Survey

Applying for mortgage or home insurance requires an applicant to undergo stringent checks
before getting approved. For instance, mortgage and home insurance providers need to know
the property's market value by conducting a general location survey.

A licensed surveyor will use his expertise to get the approximate measurements and
important features of the property. The survey results will provide insights to mortgage and
home insurance companies when deciding mortgage and home insurance applications.
Sometimes the survey will uncover property issues that save them from costly mistakes.

Site Planning Survey

Local governments have zoning and building laws that people must observe when
constructing or renovating their properties. If you have such projects, you need to work with a
professional land surveyor to fulfill the requirements of the law. A site planning survey will be
conducted by the land surveyor as a requirement to obtain a building permit.

A site planning survey measures and determines the perimeter of the land. It also defines
existing improvements, topography, and essential features of the property. The surveyor has
to employ boundary and topographic surveys for site planning.

Boundary Survey

Knowing the property lines of your real estate property is important. A boundary survey done
by a certified land surveyor provides this information. This survey involves measuring the site
and researching documents related to the property with the local land agency.

After establishing or locating the property lines, the land surveyor will mark them out to
prevent encroachment by anyone who doesn’t have legal rights to the property. The surveyor
will also provide you with a detailed map describing your property's boundaries and other

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey or platting divides a tract of land into estates or lots. A land surveyor
with experience surveying large tracts of land should play a hand in such projects. In this
case, the subdivision surveyor should have close coordination with property developers and

The subdivision project must ensure proper designation of individual estates or lots. The
surveyor will help in the making of the street map and the planning of drainage systems for
the subdivision site.

Liquor License Survey

You won’t be allowed to sell beers and liquors if you don’t have a liquor license. Many local
governments have laws regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages. If your liquor store is near
schools, churches, or medical facilities, your business operation will be stopped if you fail to
show a permit.

Thus, you should apply for a liquor license if you have a plan to establish a business that sells
alcoholic drinks. You need a licensed surveyor to measure the distance of your place of
business from the above-mentioned institutions.

Flood Insurance Survey

You have a big problem if your house is located in a flood-risk area. Just imagine the money
you have to spend on renovating your house after a flood disaster. However, the cost of
recovery after your property gets flooded can be minimized if you have flood insurance.

Many homeowners in flood-risk cities get insurance to cover the damages on their properties
caused by flood. Now, you’ll need a surveyor to check the lowest elevation point of your
property. A survey is a requirement when applying for flood insurance.

About Naples

A city in Collier County, Florida, Naples is famous for its golf courses and white-sand beaches.
Based on a 2021 census, the city has a population of 19,372, making it the 208th most
populous city in Florida. The total area of Naples is 16.46 square miles, composed of 12.30
square miles land and 4.16 square miles water.

Naples offers many attractions, such as elegant beaches, wild outdoors, world-class arts, and
luxurious shopping. Prices of homes here are high, with a median value of $1,018,000.