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There are several reasons why a land survey is important. Land surveys provide property owners with crucial information about their properties and help them avoid or resolve boundary disputes with their neighbors. If you want to survey your land or home, our company can lend a hand.


Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is proud of its service to residents and businesses in Weston, Broward County. What makes us trustworthy in the land surveying profession is our dedication to providing our clients with accurate land surveys. Our land surveyors are professionally trained, and we utilize modern surveying equipment to better our job.


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Types of Land Surveys We Do in Weston

Probably some people aren’t familiar with the different types of land surveys. In Weston and other parts of Broward County, we do general location surveys, subdivision surveys, elevation surveys, boundary surveys, site planning surveys, and alcoholic beverage license surveys.

Flood Insurance Survey

It can be difficult to look for money to cover property damages after a flood if you don’t have flood insurance. In locations where hurricanes and floods are common, getting flood insurance is a smart move.


You have to secure an elevation certificate when applying for flood insurance. The land surveyor will give you this certificate after checking your property’s lowest elevation point. The insurance company will peruse the elevation certificate to decide whether to approve your flood insurance application and how much coverage you’ll get.

Site Planning Survey

It’s a necessity to have a site planning survey if you’re improving a real estate property or building structures in it. This survey ensures that the project abides by local building and zoning laws and helps to avoid boundary issues with neighboring properties. If the survey finds no problem, local authorities will provide you with a permit to start the project.


In a site planning survey, the land surveyor combines the techniques of topographic and boundary surveys. There will be physical measuring of the property, identification of existing structures and boundary markers, and delineating of the area’s topographic features.

Boundary Survey

Owners of residential and commercial properties want knowledge about the boundary lines of their holdings. If you’re a property owner, for sure, you’ll also want to know. For this matter, a licensed land surveyor is an expert you should call.


Establishing the property boundaries requires land record research and physical measurement of the area. After the location of boundary lines, the land surveyor will set markers or monuments to ensure that adjacent properties won’t encroach on your property.


An accomplished boundary survey will have a map describing the site, its boundaries, and existing structures. It will also include the name of the property owner.

Subdivision Survey

Subdividing land is pretty common nowadays with land development projects emerging all over the country. If you have a subdivision project, get the services of a certified land surveyor to help you with its success.


Part of the job of a land surveyor is splitting a land area into smaller lots or estates. The expertise of the land surveyor will ensure that designation of individual lots is done properly. The surveyor’s work will also include street mapping and planning of drainage systems.


Besides the land surveyor, you also need to hire a civil engineer and real estate planner. These professionals have to work together for the completion of your subdivision project.

Liquor License Survey

If you want to operate a bar, pub, or liquor store business, one of the requirements is an alcoholic beverage license. For this license, you need a land surveyor to survey the distance of your place of business from a church, medical facility, or school.  Your business should be situated at a legal distance from these institutions.

General Location Survey

Insurance providers and mortgage lenders can hire a land surveyor to assess the market value of a property. The surveyor will perform a general location survey to pinpoint the improvements and approximate measurements of the property. However, when it comes to accuracy, this type of survey is not to be compared to a boundary survey.


A general location survey can inform mortgage lenders and insurance providers about the property that their applicants want to purchase.

About Weston

Weston became a city on September 3, 1996. This city is located in Broward County, Florida, within easy access to Fort Lauderdale to the east and along the edge of the Everglades to the west.


According to a 2020 census, Weston has a population of 68,107 people living in a land area of 24.59 square miles. The city is known for its lush landscapes and vibrant communities. With parks, restaurants, and highly rated public schools, Weston is one of the best places to live in Florida. The median home value here is $505,400.