A land surveyor in West Park, Broward County, can assist you in many things regarding real estate ownership and development. As a proprietor of a real estate property, you must know the precise measurements and boundaries of your holdings. Only a certified land surveyor has the technical expertise to provide you with such crucial details about your property.


Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is the surveying firm to contact if you need the services of a professional land surveyor. Trusted by residents and businesses in Broward County since 1983, our company’s mission is to provide high-standard land surveys using modern surveying equipment.


Whatever type of land survey you need, our licensed land surveyors can cater. And you shouldn’t worry about deadlines because we always perform a fast and efficient job.

Why Hire a Land Surveyor in West Park?

Folks come with various intentions when hiring a land surveyor. A specific type of survey, a specific purpose. Consult this list if you want to understand the reasons why people want a land survey.

Getting an Elevation Certificate for Flood Insurance Application

Some states have a high risk of flooding, and Florida is one of them. If you’re an inhabitant of a state where hurricanes and floods are common, acquiring flood insurance is very important.


Flooding can cause damage to your property and belongings. Having flood insurance helps you cover financially the damage and loss caused by such a calamity.


If you plan to get flood insurance, you must hire a licensed land surveyor to check how vulnerable your home is to flooding. The surveyor will issue an elevation certificate after the survey. Then, you submit this certificate to the insurance provider for approval.

Property Purchase

Getting excited over a real estate property you want to buy is understandable, especially if you’re a first-timer. The only bad side to the excitement is if it gets out of hand. Remember that a property purchase involves money, and you must not waste your money because of a bad purchase.


Some first-time property buyers are guilty of this mistake. Being overwhelmed with outrageous excitement, buyers tend to overlook the red flags concerning the land or house that grabs their attention. It’s advisable to practice prudence and due diligence when buying a property and avoid getting swayed by your emotions.


What if the property you want to purchase has a boundary or building issues? What if there are problems with its ownership? That’s why you must get the services of a land surveyor to avoid such issues. It’s part of the work of a land surveyor to ensure you get an advantageous property purchase.

Give Valuable Information to Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage lenders always try to avoid lending to unqualified borrowers and lose money in the process. This gives basis to the stringent requirements they impose on mortgage applicants. More often than not, lenders will also hire a surveyor to make sure that the home the borrower wants to buy has a good market value.


Valuable information from a mortgage survey helps lenders make better decisions on mortgage applications. What lenders want is a house with a good market value, which can give them profit if they foreclose it as a result of the borrower’s failure to pay the mortgage.

Applying for a Building Permit

It’s a must for a full renovation or construction project to get the area surveyed first. Local authorities demand that such projects follow local building and zoning codes, which provide standards for renovating a house or building new structures on the land. Thus, before starting a major renovation or construction project, you must hire a surveyor to get a building permit.


A building permit is proof you’re abiding by the building and zoning standards in your locality. For this matter, the land surveyor you’ll hire must have a license and experience in boundary or site planning surveys.


Locating the boundary lines, checking the terrain condition of the area, and drawing a plan are some of the responsibilities of your land surveyor. It also includes assisting you in the processing of necessary documents with the local land authority.

Types of Surveys We Offer in West Park

We offer a variety of land surveys in West Park, Broward County. This list below gives you some information.


About West Park

Situated in the southeastern part of Broward County, West Park is a city in Florida which is created in 2005. It’s composed of the neighborhoods of Lake Forest, Utopia, Carver Ranches, and Miami Gardens.


According to a 2020 census, West Park has a population of 15,130 people within its 2.20 square miles of land area. The city has several recreational parks, shops, and restaurants.


West Park has a sparse suburban atmosphere. Most of the residents of the city own their properties. If you’re planning to buy a home here, the median home price is $194,600.