Owning a real estate property takes some responsibility. For instance, conducting a land survey is a must because understanding the legal description of the property can help if you want to develop or construct structures on it. A land survey will also provide information on the property lines to protect yourself from encroachment or boundary disputes.


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Why Hire a Land Surveyor in Southwest Ranches?

The surveyor will ask you for what purpose you want a survey. Then, he will conduct a specific type of survey for your needs. There are different reasons why people hire a land surveyor.

Home Renovation/Construction

You need a certified land surveyor to check the property before doing a home renovation or construction. The survey results serve as a guide to ensure that building structures or any improvement on the property follows zoning and building standards. Your local government will require a survey for you to obtain a permit for your project.


Look for a surveyor with the right skills and experience for the job. The surveyor will certify that the terrain condition of the site is fit for your project. It’s also part of his duties to establish or locate the boundary lines. Then, the surveyor will draw out the surveyed area and help you in the processing of the necessary documents.


The expertise of the surveyor is much-needed to avoid boundary disputes and legal troubles in your construction or renovation project. You won’t regret spending money on hiring a professional land surveyor to make your project successful.

Buying Land or House

It sure is exciting to buy a house and lot, but we get overwhelmed with emotions sometimes that it gets in the way of our decision-making. So, be careful with getting too excited, and you should ensure that your rational thinking is intact. Your goal is to make a good purchase, and you must learn all crucial information about the property before buying it.


Consider not only the advantages of the land or house you want to buy but also the disadvantages. A balanced assessment of the property is a must to avoid feelings of regret in your purchase. Never get too excited. Always practice prudence in your assessment of the land or house you’re considering buying.


Call Accurate Land Surveyors to conduct physical measurements and certify important data about the property. It’s crucial to know the ownership information and essential features of the land or house you want to purchase.

Helping Mortgage Lenders Decide

For mortgage lenders, there’s nothing more problematic than lending money to unqualified borrowers. But sometimes this happens, particularly when screening measures are lacking. It’s no wonder that some mortgage companies are hiring a surveyor to ensure the market value of the property that the applicant wants to buy.


As a mortgage lender, you have to make sure that the property is valuable. The surveyor can help you in this matter by unveiling the pros and cons of the property. Conducting a survey on the property will help you decide whether or not to lend money to the mortgage applicant.

Applying for Flood Insurance

Hurricanes that can cause flooding are a problem for homeowners living in flood-prone areas. In some parts of the United States, homeowners face this unfortunate reality. But having flood insurance can be a great help to minimize the financial cost of property damage after a flood.


You can use the money from your flood insurance to renovate your house and buy personal belongings after a flood disaster. It’s a requirement to get the services of a land surveyor when applying for flood insurance. The job of the surveyor is to get the lowest point of elevation of the property.

Surveys We Do in Southwest Ranches

Our surveying firm does different types of land surveys in Southwest Ranches, Broward County. Take note of this list to know about the job we do.


About Southwest Ranches

Southwest Ranches sits at an advantageous location on Florida Everglades’ eastern edge. It’s the 30th municipality in Broward County, having been incorporated in 2000. It’s a rural town with many horse ranches and is gifted with natural beauty.


The residents of Southwest Ranches numbered around 7,923, according to a 2020 census. If you want a peaceful place to live in and one that’s close to Nature, you should consider this town southwest of Broward County.