Many questions will most likely be on the mind of new property owners regarding the need to hire a licensed land surveyor. As a newbie landowner or homeowner, one of your priorities is to get your property surveyed. For instance, you need a surveyor to mark out the boundary lines of your property to prevent your neighbors from encroaching.


There are many other things that a land surveyor can help property owners. The question is where you should look for a trusted expert to carry out the survey. Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. may be the place to find a land surveyor for your property. When it comes to expertise and experience, the nearly 40-year existence of our company will speak for itself.


We employ professionals with the versatility to do different types of land surveys for our clients. Moreover, modern technology and surveying instruments help our land surveyors to deliver fast and accurate survey results.

Types of Surveys We Do in Pembroke Park

Understanding the importance of surveying their land or home surveyed is a must for property owners. They should be familiar with the various types of land surveys for that matter. Here’s a list of land surveys we offer in Pembroke Park, Broward County, Florida.

General Location Survey

Evaluating the property that a mortgage or home insurance applicant wants to get insured is a must for lenders and insurance companies. One way to determine the value of a property is conducting a general location survey.


The mortgage or insurance company must hire a licensed surveyor to evaluate a property. The goal is to get the approximate property measurements and determine its structural condition. Sometimes the survey will reveal red flags that may cause the mortgage lender or insurance company to reject an application. This survey can save these companies from losing money in the process.

Boundary Survey

Without conducting a boundary survey, you won’t locate or mark the boundary lines of your property. That’s why every property owner should get the services of a licensed land surveyor for that purpose.


A boundary survey involves measuring the dimensions of the site and looking at previous surveys on the property or doing document research. If a surveyor successfully complete a boundary survey on your property, you’ll now have the exact dimensions and backing paperwork to show in case you get into boundary disputes.

Subdivision Survey

Subdividing vast land into individual lots or estates requires the expertise of a licensed land surveyor. It’s much better if you employ a land surveyor with years of experience doing subdivision surveys. Working together with the land surveyor are the property developer and civil engineer because a subdivision project usually involves vast tracts of land.


Close coordination with the experts mentioned above is key to the success of a subdivision project. Aside from subdividing the land, the surveyor will also help in street mapping and planning of the drainage system.

Site Planning Survey

Observing zoning and building codes is crucial when doing a construction or property renovation project. Your local government will ensure observance of these laws by requiring a permit to anyone planning such undertakings. Thus, it’s crucial to hire a surveyor to ensure your project complies with zoning and building standards in your locality.


The surveyor will perform a site planning survey to ensure that you can legally build or renovate structures on the property. This survey involves getting the exact dimensions and the existing improvements on the land. It will also involve a topographic survey to ensure that the topographic features of the property suits the project plan.

Beverage License Survey

Secure a beverage license first if you want to start a liquor store business. This license is required in nearly all municipalities throughout the country. If you have this license, it means that your business isn’t located within the radius of any church, school, or medical facility.


For you to get a beverage license, you need a surveyor to measure the distance of your business from any of the above-mentioned buildings.

Elevation Survey

An elevation survey is crucial to assess the lowest point of elevation of a property. This survey is a requirement when getting flood insurance. It determines the risk of your residence to high water levels when there are hurricanes.


Getting flood insurance is essential if you’re residing in a flood-prone area. With this insurance, you can claim money if your house gets flooded.

About Pembroke Park

Pembroke Park is a small town in Broward County, just southwest of Hollywood and Hallandale Beach. It has a total area of 1.67 square miles and a population of 6,260 people. It’s a peaceful community and is increasingly becoming a vibrant area for commerce.


The town is just a quick drive to the popular beaches of Broward County. Plus, there are budget-friendly RV parks, apartments, and vacation rentals if you like to stay for a day or more in the area.