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Is your residence located in Parkland in Broward County, Florida? Do you have plans to buy a house and move into this suburban city?  If yes, perhaps one of these days, you need a land surveyor to help you with the land title process, house purchase, property improvement, or anything that might require a survey.  Our company has a team of the brightest, most competent, and most seasoned land surveyors in Florida. Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. takes pride in its almost 40 years of existence in the business.  We always keep our integrity intact by providing quality service to our clients and observing the ethical standards of the land surveying profession. We are also equipped with the latest land surveying instruments, including electronic total stations and data collectors. 

When Do You Need the Services of a Land Surveyor?

A land surveyor can be useful in a lot of things like helping you understand your property’s boundaries. Here’s a list of circumstances when you might need to get the services of a professional surveyor. 

Getting a Building Permit

Before embarking on a construction or house extension project, you have to get a building permit. Local governments or regulatory bodies issue this authorization document before anyone can legally build a new structure or improve an existing building. A building permit validates the project’s compliance with zoning and building codes. A professional surveyor will check the building and zoning regulations to verify that your project complies with the law. The land surveyor will also determine the boundary lines, prepare a map or plan as a pictorial representation of the property, and check the condition of the terrain.  Moreover, the surveyor will help you in the processing of the relevant documents with the local land office and verify that tax payments are updated. 

Buying Vacant Land or House

Excitement sometimes overwhelms land buyers and home buyers when they find a property they like. They will hastily make an offer without going into the specifics of the house or land they want to purchase. This kind of approach is a no-no when buying a real estate property.  One of the most crucial things you must always observe when buying a home or vacant land is your discretion. Do your research or ask for important details regarding the property, such as its profile, ownership information, and legal description before thinking of sealing the deal with the seller.  Get a professional land surveyor to interpret the relevant information about the land or house you want to purchase. This surveying expert will also have a hand in checking the actual size, boundary lines, and condition of the land or house. Property features don’t stay the same through the years, and it’s why you need a licensed land surveyor to do a new survey on the property. 

Getting Flood Insurance

Houses in a flood-prone area must be insured to help homeowners recuperate financially from flood devastation. If your home is situated in such a location, it’s smart to apply for flood insurance now.  One of the requirements when applying for flood insurance is an elevation certificate. A professional land surveyor will inspect your property to know its lowest point of elevation. After the field inspection is complete, you get the elevation certificate.

Approving a Mortgage Application

Unqualified borrowers can cause mortgage lenders to lose hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s not surprising to see mortgage companies imposing stricter requirements on home loan applicants.  Mortgage companies have the power to foreclose a property if you stop paying the mortgage. When deciding on a mortgage application, they make sure that the property the applicant is buying is worth the money. So, lenders get the services of a surveyor to know the value and issues of the property.  The surveyor can give the mortgage company relevant information regarding the property, such as its condition, size, and amenities. Mortgage lenders make sure they have an advantage in case the borrower fails to pay the home loan. 

Types of Surveys We Offer in Parkland

Our surveyors are adept in various types of surveys. Here are the surveying services we do in Parkland, Florida. 
  • Land title surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Location surveys
  • Construction surveys
  • Subdivision surveys
  • Flood insurance surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Site planning surveys

About Parkland

Parkland is a city in northern Broward County, 42 miles northwest of Miami and 24 miles from Fort Lauderdale. According to a 2020 census, the suburban city’s population was 34,670, residing within its 12.3 square miles square land area.  The city is called Parkland because of its park-like characteristics. It boasts nine beautiful parks and several outdoor attractions. The most visited natural attraction here is the Everglades Wildlife Management ecosystem, where you can enjoy lots of outdoor activities.  Parkland is a buyer’s market, meaning there are more supply of houses than the demand for them. The recent median listing home price in the city is $1.2M.