Residents of Oakland Park who need land surveying services can call Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. for that purpose. Whatever type of survey you want for your property, we can promise to deliver with our land surveyors’ topnotch expertise and ample experience.


Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. has been in the land surveying business for almost 40 years. We strictly observe the quality standards of the profession, always putting the interest of our clients as our priority. Moreover, we believe in the power of modern technology in delivering faster and accurate survey results.


With the countless land surveys our company has conducted over the years, we can assure that we won’t break your trust if you put your surveying needs in our hands. Read more on what Accurate Land Surveyors do through this blog post.

Reasons to Hire a Surveyor in Oakland Park

You’ll have a lot of reasons to hire a professional land surveyor. Before hiring a surveyor, ask yourself what’s the purpose of the survey. We created a list of reasons why clients work with a  land surveyor for you to get an idea.

Give Insights to Lenders Regarding Mortgage Applications

Lending money to individuals for a home purchase can be costly. The lender should first have to check whether the application is qualified for the mortgage or not. Some lenders will even hire a surveyor to get an idea on the value of the house the applicant is buying.


A survey will reveal relevant information regarding the property, such as its condition, size, and other features. Mortgage lenders would hesitate approving an application if the property has many issues. They don’t want to lose money when it comes to the time to foreclose the property.

Secure a Construction Permit

Prior to starting a construction or house renovation project, you should secure a building permit first. The local government will ask you to get a permit before you can build or renovate structures on land. This document ensures that what you intend to do on the property follows zoning and building laws.


Land surveyors are well-versed on zoning and building codes, helping ensure your project won’t get you into legal trouble. The responsibilities of the surveyor also include defining the boundaries, drawing the property’s pictorial representation, and determining the site’s terrain conditions. The surveyor will also assist in processing relevant documents of the project.

Purchase of Real Estate Property

Some real estate property buyers find it hard to control their emotions when they come upon a house that interests them. They hastily make an offer even with little knowledge regarding the specifics of the land or house they want to purchase. Always remember that buying a real estate property requires you to determine if the purchase is worth your money.


You should do your research or ask questions to the agent regarding the property first. Make sure you know about the property profile, legal description, and ownership information before deciding to make an offer.


Consulting a professional land surveyor to help you better understand relevant information about the property is also crucial. While you can look at previous surveys on the property, hiring a land surveyor will give you updated information regarding its condition. You can accurately know the boundaries and area of the property if you work with a surveyor.

Apply for Flood Insurance

Homeowners should get flood insurance if their residences are located in a flood-prone area. The flood insurance will help you financially when your property gets damaged during a flood disaster. However, before one can get flood insurance, it’s crucial to work with a licensed land surveyor to determine the lowest elevation point of your home.


The land surveyor will inspect the site and survey your residence for that matter. After the surveyor completes the survey, you’ll get an elevation certificate, a document you should submit to the insurance company if you apply for flood insurance.

Types of Surveys We Do in Oakland Park

Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. can assist you with any type of survey you want for your real estate property. Take a look at the types of surveys we offer in Oakland Park, Broward County, Florida.


About Oakland Park

Oakland Park is a city in Broward County, Florida, with a total area of 8.1 square miles and a population of 44,229. The city borders Wilton Manors, a city undergoing a significant amount of development.


The local government of Oakland Park plans to turn its downtown area into a mixed-use pedestrian community, with a new commuter rail station being proposed. This new development drives up property prices in the city. The current median home value in the city is $267,000, and its median rent is $1,375.