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Are you a resident of Margate and looking for a land surveyor to survey your property? Our beloved company, Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc., is just one call away to help you with your surveying needs. Being one of the pioneering surveying firms operating in Broward County and other parts of Florida, Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. believes in putting in quality work to satisfy its clients. Our land surveyors are professionally trained, proven by experience, and inculcated with the ethical standards of land surveying. We also use modern surveying instruments to ensure more precise and faster land surveying. If you choose Accurate Land Surveyors, you won’t regret your decision because we always deliver an on time and spot-on job.

Why Should You Hire a Margate Land Surveyor?

A land surveyor can help you with things like determining the boundaries of your property. If you want to know the reasons to hire a land surveyor, we got a list for you.

Buying a Real Estate Property

Some buyers of real estate properties get too excited when they find a property they like at first sight. Without knowing the specifics of the land or home they’re buying, they hastily seal the deal. This is not the proper attitude when purchasing a real estate property. Discretion and research are two important things to keep in mind when purchasing a house or land. Ask for the ownership information, legal description, and property profile before making an offer. Hire a licensed land surveyor to interpret the specific details of the property. The land surveyor will also help you determine the size, boundaries, and other features of the property. Don’t rely solely on past surveys because property features may vary over time. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional land surveyor for this matter.

Acquiring a Building Permit

Before you begin a construction or home renovation project, you must acquire a building permit. It’s a requirement by a local government or regulatory body before you can legally construct a new building or renovate an existing one. A building permit is a proof that your project complies with zoning and building regulations. A land surveyor will look into zoning and building regulations to ensure that your project doesn’t go against the law. The surveyor will also set boundaries, provide a pictorial representation of the property using plan or map, and check its terrain conditions. Lastly, a surveyor will process the recording of the plat with the local land office and certify that tax payments are up to date.

Help Mortgage Lenders Make Informed Decisions

Mortgage companies know the high cost of lending to unqualified borrowers. No wonder they typically have stringent requirements before they approve a mortgage application. A mortgage lender can foreclose on the property if the borrower stops paying the mortgage. So, lenders hire a surveyor to check the value and issues of the property. The surveyor can provide important information to the mortgage lender, such as the size, condition, and other property features. Mortgage companies want to ensure that they’re not getting the short end of the stick when lending money to property buyers.

Applying for Flood Insurance

Homeowners should obtain flood insurance if their properties are in a flood-risk area. The flood insurance will serve as your security when a flood inflicts damage on your property. However, before you can acquire flood insurance, you need to hire a licensed land surveyor to check the lowest elevation point of your property. The land surveyor will do a field inspection and survey your property. Then, after the job is done, the land surveyor will give you an elevation certificate, which is a requirement to get flood insurance.

Types of Surveys We Do in Margate

The licensed land surveyors in our company can help you with whatever type of property survey you want. Here’s a list of land surveys that Accurate Land Surveyors, inc. offer in Margate, Florida.
  • Boundary surveys
  • Land title surveys
  • Site planning surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Location surveys
  • Flood insurance surveys
  • Subdivision surveys
  • Construction surveys

About Margate

Margate is one of the most promising cities of Broward County. It’s located about 40 miles north of Miami and 12 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale, making it part of the Miami metropolitan area. The city has a population of 58,734 people, which is made up of diverse races. Recently, the job market of Margate recorded a positive growth. In the next ten years, the prediction is that the city will have a 39.8% job growth, which is higher than the country’s average of 33%. The most popular industries here are healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, accommodation services, food services, construction, among others. When it comes to being a tourist spot, Margate is popular for its outdoor attractions. A water park called Calypso Cove is one of the most visited tourist sites in the city. Margate also has several golf courses, including the Carolina Golf Club and Eagle Lakes Golf Course.