You can think of several reasons why people want a land survey. The most common reason you need a land survey is to determine the lines and corners of your property. It’s basic information to protect your property rights and avoid boundary disputes.


When it comes to land surveys, get a certified land surveyor. Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. employs a team of the brightest land surveying professionals in Lauderhill, Broward County, Florida. We take advantage of the technological advancements in our profession and utilize modern surveying equipment to ensure accurate land surveys.


Our company has been doing land surveys since 1983, making it one of the most trusted land surveying firms in Florida. Call us if you have a property that you want to get surveyed.

Types of Land Surveys We Do in Lauderhill

It’s crucial to know the kind of land survey you need for your property, or you can ask your land surveyor about it. For those who aren’t familiar with the various types of land surveys should take note of the following.

Site Planning Survey

You must hire a professional to conduct a site planning survey before you can construct or develop your real estate property. There are zoning and building laws you need to follow, and a site planning survey ensures that your project meets all legal requirements. If so, local authorities will issue a permit to start your project.


A site planning survey determines the site’s perimeter, identifies boundary markers and existing structures and describes the area’s topographic features. The land surveyor must have expertise and experience on both boundary and topographic surveys for this matter.

Boundary Survey

Every residential and commercial property owner needs to know where the boundary lines of their properties start and end. Of course, a certified land surveyor will call to help you in this matter.


The land surveyor will conduct document research at your local land authority for reference and measure the perimeter of your property. If there are no existing markers, the surveyor will set them up to mark your boundary lines and avoid encroachment on your property.


The mapping of your property to describe its boundary lines and features will also be done by the land surveyor.

General Location Survey

Checking the market value of a property is a crucial matter for mortgage and insurance companies. They have to ascertain that a mortgage or insurance applicant is purchasing a home that has a good market value. In this case, they can get a surveyor to conduct a general location survey.


A general location survey only gets the approximate measurements of the property and its essential features. This survey’s accuracy isn’t at par with a boundary survey, but it’s more affordable.

Subdivision Survey

Property developers into subdivision projects need to hire a licensed land surveyor to split the property into smaller lots. The expertise of a land surveyor is crucial in such projects, especially if we’re subdividing a large tract of land.


The land surveyor will ensure the proper designation of smaller individual lots. It’s also part of the surveyor’s job to help plan drainage systems and street mapping. The success of a subdivision project requires the working together of the developer, civil engineer, and land surveyor.

Alcoholic Beverage License Survey

Setting up a business that sells liquors requires an alcoholic beverage license permit. When applying for this permit, you need the service of a land surveyor to measure the distance of your business from an educational institution, medical facility, or place of religious worship.


The survey should ensure that your place of business is not near the buildings mentioned. Only then will you be allowed to start your business.

Flood Insurance Survey

You must have flood insurance to cover damage to property in a flood disaster. This insurance is essential for residents living in flood-risk locations.


For your flood insurance application to get approved, you need an elevation certificate. This certificate shows your property’s lowest elevation point. A licensed land surveyor has to survey your residence for this purpose.

About Lauderhill

Lauderhill is the principal city of the Miami metropolitan area. It’s part of Broward County, Florida, with a population of 74,842 people based on a 2020 U.S. census. Its total area is 8.57 square miles, composed of 8.52 square miles of land and 0.05 square miles of water.


Lauderhill is a great city with a largely urbanized atmosphere. It has decent neighborhoods and hospitable locals. There are spectacular parks, shops, and amenities within the city limits. Plus, the public schools here are above average.


Fifty-one percent of the population own their homes, while 49% rent. If you purchase a property in Lauderhill, the median home value is $178,500.