Ownership of a real estate property demands some responsibilities from the owner. For instance, the owner has to know the boundaries of his property and ensure it meets local zoning and building standards. If you own land or a home in Hallandale Beach, it’s essential to survey your property.


You’ll need the technical expertise of a professional land surveyor to perform a land survey on your property. Hire one now from Accurate Land Surveyors, a company that provides land surveying services to residential property owners and businesses in Florida.


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Types of Surveys We Do in Hallandale Beach

Since there are various purposes or types of land surveys, you can hire land surveyors with different specializations. A real estate property owner needs to know the type of land survey he wants and choose a surveyor who has the technical skill and experience to perform that type of land survey.


Better check this list for those who want to know about the different types of land surveys we do in Hallandale Beach, Broward County.

Boundary Survey

As a home or land owner, it’s to your advantage to know the boundary lines of your property. Knowing what constitutes your real estate property is crucial to avoid boundary disputes with neighbors. You must call a certified land surveyor to perform a boundary survey to that end.

Physical measurements on the area and record research are key components of a boundary survey. It’s also crucial to establish property lines using monuments or markers. Then, a map or plan drawn by the surveyor will show the physical position of the boundaries along with the written description.

General Location Survey

A general location survey provides approximate measurements of a real estate property. It means that it’s not at par with a boundary survey in terms of accuracy. Nevertheless, it serves to define a real estate property and the particular improvements in it.


Insurance and mortgage companies hire land surveyors to perform this type of survey, especially if they want to know about the market value of a property. The result of a general location survey helps them make informed decisions on insurance or mortgage applications.

Site Planning Survey

Do you want to develop your land or build on your property? It’s advisable to have a site planning survey done by a licensed land surveyor.


A site planning survey ensures that your project isn’t in conflict with neighboring properties and the local building and zoning codes. It provides exact physical measurement of the area and identification of boundary lines and existing structures. It also defines the topographic features of the site.


Basically, it’s not legal to develop or build on a property without a site planning survey because it’s one of the requirements to obtain a building permit. Most states and localities require this type of survey for such projects.

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision project wouldn’t be successful without the technical expertise of a licensed land surveyor. In this kind of project, the land surveyor will divide a large tract of property into smaller lots. The land surveyor also helps in the designation of drainage systems and street maps.

Liquor License Survey

Local authorities impose requirements on anyone who wants to start a liquor business.  Before you can legally sell an alcoholic beverage, you must get a permit or alcoholic beverage license.


You need a surveyor to check if your store is not near a hospital, school, or a place of worship. Only if determined that your business is at a safe distance from these institutions you’ll be given a permit to operate.

Flood Insurance Survey

Flood brought by heavy rains can cause damage to your property. That’s why you need flood insurance to cover the financial costs of renovating a damaged property or recover loss of personal belongings brought by a flood disaster.


The first step of getting flood insurance is conducting a survey to determine the risk level of your property to flooding. The survey outcome should determine the lowest elevation point of your house. This work must be done by a professional land surveyor who will give you an elevation certificate.

About Hallandale Beach

The city of Hallandale Beach is situated in southern Broward County, Florida. It’s famous for its sizable financial district, the Mardi Gras Casino, Gulfstream Park, among other things. The city is both a tourist destination and a place for retirees.


According to a 2020 census, Hallandale Beach has a population of 41,217 people within a land area of 4.21 square miles. For those who want to purchase real estate in the city, the median home value here is $229,300. A majority of the residents of Hallandale Beach own their homes.