Are you finding it hard to hire a land surveyor whom you can trust with your real estate property? If you’re a resident of Cooper City, contact one of the top land surveying companies in Florida now!


Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. has made its name in the land surveying business because of its expert and seasoned professionals. The company was established in 1983, and countless land surveys have been conducted by our land surveyors since then. Clients prefer Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. because of its dedication to the profession’s quality standards.


Moreover, our company believes in the power of technology in carrying out fast and accurate survey results. We use modern surveying instruments, such as global positioning system (GPS), total station, electronic distance measurement, among other latest devices.

Reasons to Hire a Surveyor in Cooper City

Clients have several reasons to hire a licensed land surveyor. Make sure to know the purpose of the survey first and what you want to do with your property before talking with a surveyor. Here are important matters that will require you to hire a surveyor.

Help Lenders Decide on Mortgage Applications

Lending money to people who want to purchase a real estate property is a risky business. Determining the qualifications of the applicant and whether the property he wants to buy is valuable is crucial for the mortgage lender. Some lending companies will work with a property surveyor for insights on the market value of the property.


The mortgage lender will get an idea on the size, condition, and relevant information on the property if a survey is conducted. Red flags unveiled during the survey will usually make the lender hesitant to approve the mortgage application. Issues on the property will make it harder to sell after the lender seized it due to the borrower’s failure to pay the mortgage.

Flood Insurance Application

Residents of cities that are prone to flooding should apply for flood insurance. If your house is insured, you’ll have a financial backup for home renovation when it incurs damages due to flood. Consider hiring a professional land surveyor to conduct an elevation survey on your residence.


The survey will unveil the lowest point of elevation of your house and how risky it is to flooding. When applying for flood insurance, the insurance company requires you to submit an elevation certificate, which the surveyor will give you after surveying your property.

Buying a Real Estate Property

Although not all have this attitude, some homebuyers feel overwhelming excitement when they find a property that meets their preference. Worse thing is when they make hasty offers solely based on their emotions. As a property buyer, you must remember the importance of knowing the specifics of the house you’re buying.


Never hesitate to ask the agent to provide a profile, ownership information, and legal description of the property. Asking questions is crucial to learn more about the property before you make an offer.


You should also consult a licensed land surveyor for you to understand better the information regarding the house you want to buy. Working with a land surveyor provides you with updated details on the property compared to relying on past surveys. The surveyor will give you updated and accurate information regarding the size and area of the property.

Applying for a Building Permit

A building permit is a requirement by the local government to anyone who wants to construct or renovate a building on land. It’s proof that the project you’re planning complies with local building and zoning codes. Building or renovating a property without a permit can give you legal troubles, prompting the authorities to stop your project.


Understanding local building and zoning laws will need you to hire a land surveyor. This professional will define boundary lines, draw a site map, and determine the condition of the terrain. He will also help you to process relevant paperwork for the project.

Types of Surveys We Do in Cooper City

Our company’s land surveyors have the expertise and experience in doing any type of survey you want for your land or house. Here are the surveys we do in Cooper City, Broward County, Florida.


About Cooper City

Part of Broward County, Florida, Cooper City has a total area of 8.34 square miles and a population of 34,401. Morris Cooper established this community in 1959, and it was later named after him. In 2006, a major housing project attracted many people to the city and spurred its economic growth.


Cooper City has dazzling beaches and other attractions that make it a great place to live. It also has amenities such as schools, hospitals, parks, restaurants, and bars. The median home value in the city is $431,200, and the median rent is $2,072.