land surveyor faq

Land Surveyor FAQ

A land survey on a property is vital for a property owner. It’s an essential step for any land development. It determines the land’s accurate measurement and boundaries. Knowing where your boundaries lie can prevent any disputes in the future.

Below are some of the most asked questions at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. These questions apply to both residential and commercial properties. If you can’t find your concerns on the list, feel free to contact us. Our team will get to you as fast as we can.

What is land surveying?

Land surveying is a process of measuring the boundaries, corners, etc., of a land. It helps owners determine where their property lines lie. A survey helps establish the locations of residential and commercial properties. Moreover, it prevents issues, such as potential boundary disputes.

Land surveys also highlight the restrictions that a property may have. A survey could help experts analyze a structure. It shows if a structure is appropriate and within the property’s constraints.

Why is surveying important?

The law requires property owners for a land survey. For example, you plan on having a new structure built on your property. It can be a new fence or a physical monument. Doing this will need you to get planning permission from your local office. But first, you must present a property survey.

Do you have plans to sell your home? If so, potential buyers need to know the property’s boundary lines. This way, they can avoid potential disputes with their neighbors. Encroachment is one of the most common causes of disputes in the US. 

Another use of a land survey is applying for insurance from a title insurer. Surveys can reveal unforeseen issues that can affect a property’s title. Once the assessment is complete, the owner will receive the title insurance.

A title company must ensure that buyers receive the land title legitimately. Surveys also help them do the following: 

  • Confirm the following property’s dimensions 
  • Identify the easements of record
  • Check that the property sold or mortgaged is correct
  • Detail the encroachments affecting the property

Why do you need a professional?

You can’t do a land survey by yourself. You need professional land surveyors to check your property for you. It is a surveyor’s job to measure a property and define its boundaries for you.

Only professional land surveyors have the license to do these tasks. They have the appropriate training to conduct surveying work. This job comes with strict guidelines that they must follow, and varies by municipality.

If you need land surveying services, feel free to contact us here at Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. We’ll go above and beyond to assist you with any of your land surveying needs.

Why would you hire a land surveyor?

State statutes and regulations mandate that only licensed land surveyors can conduct surveys. The reasons for these surveys include the selling, development, or subdivision of property.

What does a land surveyor produce?

Land surveyors produce a survey map and the property’s legal descriptions. The official, drawn map of the subject property must be accurate and detailed. It shouldn’t miss out on important information, such as the property’s ownership and the rights and limitations.

How do surveyors survey land?

Surveyors use various tools and equipment to assess a property. Paired with years of experience, we can offer the best surveying services to our clients.

But a surveyor’s process may depend on the type of land survey that they must do. But the general task is identifying property placements and the neighboring buildings. They must also analyze any possible changes in the property, as well as its topographic data. They check the latter using a topographical survey.

What type of survey should you conduct?

The survey you should have on your property depends on what you need. At Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc., here are some of the surveys that we offer:

  • Boundary Survey. Boundary surveys help determine where the boundaries of your property lie. This survey is for selling, dividing, or building new structures on the land. Once surveyors determine the boundaries, they’ll set property corners.
  • Location Survey. Location surveys provide more information about the location of interior improvements. This survey is essential for a loan application or zoning permit.
  • Site Planning Survey. Site planning surveys are necessary for getting a development permit application. This survey helps plan the design improvements and development of a project.
  • Subdivision Survey.  This survey helps divide a parcel of land into two or smaller lots. A subdivision survey can also aid in designing drainage and streets.

How does a land surveyor help in boundary disputes?

Boundary disputes arise when neighbors disagree about where their property line lies. Encroaching structures such as fences can escalate into a full-blown court hearing. Because of this, homeowners shouldn’t skip getting their properties surveyed.

Land surveyors determine your boundary using the legal description on the deed. It will show whether you’ve infringed on your neighbor’s property or vice versa. Moreover, surveyors can testify in court and explain the result of their survey.

How much does surveying cost?

Various factors can affect the cost of a land survey. These include:

  • Terrain 
  • Type of survey 
  • Previous improvements on the property 
  • Purpose of the survey
  • How recent the last survey was 

Land that can be hard to reach or access is often more costly when it’s time for a survey. These include properties that are steep or have a lot of trees in the area.

Moreover, the type of survey will be a significant factor in the costs. Different surveys need different levels of attention to detail and equipment. Hence, surveyors might do intense research before measuring your land. The more labor-intensive a survey is, the higher the fee you might pay.

Can a land surveyor trespass?

Land surveyors can’t enter a property without the owner’s consent. They can only enter the property they’re going to survey. To enter the land’s bordering properties, they must have permission to access it. If a surveyor enters without permission, property owners can sue them for civil or criminal trespass.

Can a land surveyor be wrong?

Of course, surveyors can be wrong. Miscalculations with property boundaries can happen. Most of the time, this stems from a simple mistake. Other times, it can be because of equipment that isn’t working right. Client miscommunication can also be a reason why a surveyor produces wrong results.

Many factors often lead to errors in a property survey. These can range from a surveyor marking the corners wrong or erroneous data. But rest assured! At Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc., we’ll ensure that you get an accurate survey of your property. So please feel free to contact us for any concerns or land surveying needs.