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Professional Land Surveyor surveying florida since 1983

Surveying Florida since 1983, Accurate Land Surveyors has performed well over 100,000 surveys. We serve Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties.We offer free seminars on interpretation and reading of surveys for REALTORS® and real estate attorneys. Together, as a team, the attorney and the professional land surveyor protect the property rights of the U.S. citizen.

Robert L. Thompson, our President, has assembled a group of highly qualified survey managers who work as a team to ensure your projects are accurate and on time.

Land title survey specialists

All aspects of surveying; Platting, Sub-Divisions & Construction Layout. Serving Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie. We are licensed by the Department of Professional Regulation and members of the Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors. We offer full cooperation with your processors and examiners.

Land title survey specialists

With well over 100,000 surveys performed, Accurate Land Surveyors is equipped with state of the art computer & communication systems and proprietary custom designed software, which is the keystone of all operations. This allows for a 72 hour turnaround that will be completed on time and within the prescribed budget.

We offer a range of surveys

Purchases & Refiances

Flood Insurance

New Construction

Property Improvements

Docks, Seawall & Mean High water

Liquor Licenses

Topographic Data

Boundary Disputes

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The Integral Role of Land Surveyors

Land surveyors are the backbone of property development and construction. Their survey work is foundational, ensuring every project stands on accurate data. Here’s a closer look at their indispensable contributions:

  • Precise Measurements: Using state-of-the-art measuring equipment, surveyors take precise measurements of distances and angles, whether on the Earth’s surface or below. This ensures that every piece of land and structure is accurately accounted for.

  • GPS and Robotic Total Stations: With the Global Positioning System (GPS) and robotic total stations, surveyors can pinpoint exact locations and significant features with high accuracy.

  • Research and Land Titles: Surveyors delve deep into land titles and other records, gathering all essential information to ensure the legal description of a property is accurate.

  • Boundary Identification: By seeking evidence of previous boundaries, they accurately determine current boundary lines and property lines, ensuring clarity for property owners and developers.

  • Data Verification and GIS: Once data is collected, it’s interpreted using computers. By overlaying this data with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), surveyors create detailed digital maps, aiding in the planning and development of infrastructure.

  • Documentation and Legal Documents: From preparing plots and maps to drafting comprehensive reports, surveyors ensure that every detail is documented. This documentation often serves as legal documents that can be referenced in property transactions or disputes.

  • Collaboration with Professionals: Surveyors don’t work in isolation. Their day-to-day tasks involve collaboration with civil engineers, landscape architects, and other professionals to produce comprehensive design documents.

  • The Team Behind the Scenes: While technology has empowered a single surveyor to handle many tasks, certain jobs demand a crew. This crew often includes surveying technicians and is led by a party chief, ensuring that every aspect of the survey and map process is overseen with expertise.

Diverse Roles in Surveying

  • Boundary or Land Surveyors: Experts in determining legal property lines, they ensure every project starts with a clear boundary.

  • Engineering or Construction Surveyors: These professionals ensure roads or buildings are located precisely, using measuring equipment to provide insights on property restrictions.

  • Geodetic Surveyors: Using high-accuracy technology, they measure large areas of the Earth’s surface, ensuring comprehensive and accurate mapping.

  • Marine or Hydrographic Surveyors: These specialists chart water bodies, determining features like shorelines and water depths using advanced measuring tools.

  • Mine Surveyors: With precision, they survey and map tunnels in underground mines and surface mines, ensuring safe and efficient mining operations.

At Accurate Land Surveyors, we integrate some of these elements to provide unparalleled surveying services. For precision, expertise, and clarity in your surveying needs, trust us to deliver.